Sunday, December 31, 2006
Oops! In my defence have been busy. Shop. Christmas. DH working all over Christmas. 4 kids. Blah! Blah! Blah! So, in brief, cos who really wants to be bored by what other people did at Christmas.

Went to Mass 9pm Christmas Eve this year. First time we haven't been Christmas day for years, but with DH working, wanted to make sure we all went tog. Even DS1's girlfriend joined us :) Lovely service as always. Got home and spent till midnight preparing veg! DS2 helped with the brussels - bless took him 1.5 hours just to peel them! Christmas morning DS1 was a gem with helping prepare for lunch. 11 for lunch. Went smoothly! We all got some lovely pressies, which we got round to opening in the evening! Ooh, and had a bottle of Harrods champagne with our lunch, Lynn brought it round for us, very nice too!

Apart from that it's been pretty quiet. DH was working all week. But off this weekend so we trundled to the sales. Actually wasn't as bad as we thought. I had a list of what I needed and stuck to it. Boots, belt, hair clips, shoes, pr jeans and a few clothes for work. DH bought me 'Victoria Beckham that extra half an inch' and it really helped with deciding what to get. DH reckons it's gonna turn out to be the most expensive book he's ever bought! Boys had really wound me up last couple of days, so grounded the lot of them! Got home from sales to find they had tidied, hoovered, cleaned the kitchen, made beds, made sandwiches...... Will have to ground them more often!! And thanks to step-mum who put a rocket up them to do it!

Had some friends from up north pop in last night. Now, you've got to remember we were talking, cos it looks so obvious when written down. Talking about Lou's Further Ed and what initials she'll have after her name. Her DH says I've got I D I O T after my name. So I sit there trying to figure out what it stands for! D'uh!
Tuesday, December 19, 2006
So you probably don't really want to know how we've spent the last few days. Sickness, sickness, and yes, more sickness. I had easily the worst headache I have ever had in my life and even took yesterday off sick, which, when you run your own business, and it's a shop, and it's the week before Christmas, is not something you do lightly!

The comment left on my last post about 'Tetris', if you don't know, I am never telling you! But a blushing smilie would be good about now!!

Back to the story about customer mentioned earlier. So, show someone the car seats. Yes, we've only got the colours you can see. Yes, we can see you in 2 days and explain it all. Two days later, one hour spent with the customer and she learns everything about it. Decides to get it somewhere else as we don't have the colour she wants. Should have seen that coming. 5 days later customer phones and says it's not fitting well. Oh, you got one then, where from? The internet (no surprise there). Suggest you go back to the supplier. Oh but it's an internet company and they can't help us with the actual fitting. Excuse me, but we spent 15 mins with you, and then we spent an hour with you showing you everything, and then you went and bought it elsewhere, just exactly what do you expect me to do?! (And yes that's exactly the words I said to her!) She apologised and hung up. WTF? I mean, who has the cheek to do that?!
Saturday, December 16, 2006
Met up with someone last night I haven't seen in a long, long while. Actually DH came across him in the morning but we didn't get together till the evening. Forgot how exasperating he was, always running around like a headless chicken, getting there in the end, but getting me soooo stressed in the process! Actually, maybe that's why I like him so much, lives his life like I do. His name? Crash Bandicoot......
Wednesday, December 13, 2006
Had a lovely evening last night. Def one to write about. Went out with my best friend (much as she is, it never sounds right when you're forty-something to say 'my best-friend') Anyhow, got ready to go out and got questioned by the kids. Where are you going? Who with? What time will you be back? Have you got your mobile? Oh, and my favourite I want you home by 9.30 and no bringing any men home!! OMG! Twilight Zone! And, apart from being totally in love with DH, why would I bring more testosterone into the house......

We had a meal at a pub and I was told by my dieting-in-crime partner to eat healthy, so of course I took all the breadcrumbs off of the deep fried scampi! And didn't eat the chips...honest! and then went to a Club to see an Octect from The London Community Gospel Choir. It was just about the best tenner I have spent in a long time. Where to begin, the voices, the atmosphere, the songs, I'll never listen to Swing Low Sweet Chariot again without smiling. Oh, I could go on and on. But if you like gospel music and you get a chance to see them, go for it. Next time they're local I would go again at a minutes notice.
Tuesday, December 12, 2006
Watch this space.......Photographs coming soon (well as soon as I can figure out how!)

So, back to this second burglary. In brief. Request from loan adjustor some money to cover extra security. No, sorry, like for like. What, even if it helps prevent another burglary and therefore another claim? No, sorry, like for like. So, get quote for second set of shutters, no change out of 2k and 50% up front. Fair enough, but as trade is suffering because of burglary, can't raise 1k, let alone 2. So, go to bank to borrow 2k to make shop more secure. No, sorry, you've not enough income coming through atm. Sigh, that's because of the burglary, which I'm trying to prevent happening again. No, sorry, can't help. So, I can't get any more money from the insurers or the bank, and therefore I can't pay for extra security, so I'll no doubt be burgled yet again, at which time.........ever felt like you're going round in circles!
Sunday, December 10, 2006
Went to friends for a meal Friday night. Put my face on! Can't remember last time DH and I went out tog on our own. Did think about stopping in a layby on the way home - but decided far too cold! Must be getting old. Lovely evening, who needs potatoes to finish a meal, and frozen pud is very nice! Seriously, had a lovely, lovely, lovely evening :) Quite a good week at work. Spooky Friday. Was telling new 'girl' about good customer that hadn't been in since July, and she turns up that afternoon. Maybe I should try that with others! Dragged ourselves to the shops yesterday and virtually finished Christmas shopping. Headlines yesterday about how only 3 in 100 cards have a nativity theme :( DH knows all about that after he went to town a few weeks ago and walked the length and breadth looking for some!
Tuesday, December 05, 2006
I just want to say to someone I chatted to yesterday, you're one of the kindest people I've met and you've and not got a bad bone in your body. Nuff said.

This weekend Lows
  • DD waking me up at 5.45 to wish her a happy birthday
  • DS1 having yet another strop - gotta love hormones
  • A truly unbelievable customer, but will save that one for another day!

This weekend Highs

  • DD waking me to wish her a happy birthday :)
  • Only 1 strop between 4 kids :)
  • And the laugh said customer gave us!

So, all in all a calm weekend. See the full moon on it's way. Could change things.

DD had her school disco, and although she has SN, am humbled by parents with kids of much more complex needs. The kids had a whale of a time. Sang Happy Birthday to DD. DJ gave her a packet of sweets she didn't like. So, thank you very much DJ :) Went to a crop on Sunday with MJ. Always fun, food and some scrapping! What did DH do? Worked..shame!

Friday, December 01, 2006
I was born blonde, and stayed blond for about the first 7 - 8 years of my life. DH reckons that 'once blond, always blond' and I certainly do nothing to help! I argue my case regularly, but today I was outnumbered by him and DSIL. Apparently I should stop giving him the ammunition. Latest 'D'oh!' moment. Checking Christmas tree lights. That run isn't working. Suzanne, check the box. Twinkling. Yeah, and?... oh!


Last night I had a revelation - defining moment - eye-opener. Call it what you may but it hit me. Not making any sense yet? Last year someone came into my life and impacted greatly on it. Sadly not in a good way.

I have always loved life, always been cup-half-full kind of person. You know, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. That's me. Or it was. I have kept numerous cards and notes over the years from people just thanking me for listening, remembering, and the main one, making them laugh. This last year I haven't laughed a lot. Nowhere near enough. Laughter to me is something I value. DH says the first thing he loved about me was my laugh. In my personal life I'll always be the one lightening the mood, telling a dirty joke, making people laugh, it's what I do well. Or I did. Through my work life I've always been the one playing the practical jokes. It's been said on numerous occasions that my laugh is so loud and dirty you can hear it before you can see me. And I'm proud of that.

A few weeks ago I went to Center Parcs with a group of very dear friends, and I felt like me again. We danced, drank too much, ate too much and laughed. I was reminded how 'dirty minded and foul mouthed' I was, and that they love me for it!

And back to last night. Suddenly it dawned on me that it doesn't matter how this person treats me; it doesn't matter that people choose to believe her; and if someone wants to tell me not to tell jokes because she wants to; and tells me I can't take flowers to a friend, then it's her problem, not mine. So this morning I said goodbye to someone I adore, and have decided to end a chapter of my life, which started wonderfully and ended not so.

"It's not what you do that everyone else can see, it's what you do that others can't see."
Wednesday, November 08, 2006
Have been doing some 'market research' at work about stocking some more labels. Armani has been mentioned several times, so thought we'd give it a go. The following is a genuine run down!
  • Phone 118 118. Oh, their HO is in Italy. Can't give you that no. you'll need international. Got a number of an Armani store in London. That'll do. Thanks
  • London store - no answer.
  • Phone 118 247. No we're Yellow Pages, you need 0800 blah! blah! blah! Are you sure? Yes, I'm sure. Okay, thanks.
  • Phone 0800 no. Please press any numbers you like and after 10 - 15 mins of wasting your life someone may (but more likely than not, not) help you. Oh no love, we connect new lines you don't want us. But I'll sort you out - I don't think so thanks - you need international. Ears prick up, maybe this guy does know what he's talking about. The numbers 118 500. I'll put you through...
  • Surprise! No, we're domestic. Yes, I'll credit you for this call. And this no. really is international.
  • Phone 0800 505. The man says yes!!!! So, we agree Armani and Milan go together and I get 2 numbers.
  • Both numbers are non-existent. Beginning to think Jeremy Beadle is going to jump out in a minute!
  • Phone 0800 505. Yes, they'll credit me for giving me useless numbers - my words, not theirs. And here's 2 more!
  • Yes, a reply. Yes, we're HO, but you need the London no! I check the number, NOOOOOO. It's the first bloody no., so she offers another.
  • London. Yes, but we retail, and you need this no. for London HO
  • Yes, we're London HO, but you need this no. for distribution.
  • Yes, we're distribution, and you need to contact *******. No, you can't speak to her, first contact should be an email!

Still with me?! I think NO MORE new labels!

Saturday, November 04, 2006
D'oh! So I dutifully typed up my first post and saved it as a draft so I could check my spelling and grammar (?grammer!) Two weeks later I manage to find where the draft is stored. Me and technology - say no more. This could be an interesting relationship.......
Sunday, October 22, 2006
Okay. First post. Was prompted to start this by Kirsty as a way to de-stress. Of course, could have the opposite effect and I'll end up worrying myself silly over what to post!

The waffle below was the catalyst. I've edited it slightly as it was on a private forum, and as I may not know you from Adam, have no desire to bare my soul to you :) The last sentence was suggested by somebody else on the Pad, and just seemed a perfect close.

A Day in My Life........

Wake early. DH still asleep as on lates. Get kids ready for school. DS1 asks for a new pair of trainers and in the next breath advises he may be excluded for calling a teacher a tw*t. DD decides she's not going to school so battle ensues to get her dressed. Why are SN kids so strong. Kiss DH goodbye & off to work. Pick up SIL on route. Let woman & baby cross the road, and get verbal and finger abuse from white van man behind. Pop to shops and car packs up. SIL & me push it to car parking space. No helpers, no surprise. Get DH out of bed. It's the computer, floor it next time - & no, it won't flood the engine. Get to work, spend day with SOCO, insurers etc cos some bastards robbed my shop for the second time in six months. On the way home two kids, no older than 8 or 9 are walking down the middle of the road and give me and SIL a mouthful. Seriously worried about the area we're bringing our kids up in. DS1 pops in for a couple of mins with long time (1 year) girlfriend, and jokes about me being a Nonna - better be a joke. DD decides to continue her bad day and throws sudocreme pot at me. Lucky girly throw hits my lip, and makes it bleed. Tea for 4, another night no family meal. Have to go to bed with DD as she never goes up on her own. Realise it's four and a half years since DH and I have spent a night alone together, and I can't remember the last time we went on a date. Worry that one day we'll wake up strangers. DS2 and DS3 clear the table and tidy the kitchen without being asked. Makes up for everything. Go to sleep before DH gets home.

"now where the bloody hell is my valium!"