Sunday, October 22, 2006
Okay. First post. Was prompted to start this by Kirsty as a way to de-stress. Of course, could have the opposite effect and I'll end up worrying myself silly over what to post!

The waffle below was the catalyst. I've edited it slightly as it was on a private forum, and as I may not know you from Adam, have no desire to bare my soul to you :) The last sentence was suggested by somebody else on the Pad, and just seemed a perfect close.

A Day in My Life........

Wake early. DH still asleep as on lates. Get kids ready for school. DS1 asks for a new pair of trainers and in the next breath advises he may be excluded for calling a teacher a tw*t. DD decides she's not going to school so battle ensues to get her dressed. Why are SN kids so strong. Kiss DH goodbye & off to work. Pick up SIL on route. Let woman & baby cross the road, and get verbal and finger abuse from white van man behind. Pop to shops and car packs up. SIL & me push it to car parking space. No helpers, no surprise. Get DH out of bed. It's the computer, floor it next time - & no, it won't flood the engine. Get to work, spend day with SOCO, insurers etc cos some bastards robbed my shop for the second time in six months. On the way home two kids, no older than 8 or 9 are walking down the middle of the road and give me and SIL a mouthful. Seriously worried about the area we're bringing our kids up in. DS1 pops in for a couple of mins with long time (1 year) girlfriend, and jokes about me being a Nonna - better be a joke. DD decides to continue her bad day and throws sudocreme pot at me. Lucky girly throw hits my lip, and makes it bleed. Tea for 4, another night no family meal. Have to go to bed with DD as she never goes up on her own. Realise it's four and a half years since DH and I have spent a night alone together, and I can't remember the last time we went on a date. Worry that one day we'll wake up strangers. DS2 and DS3 clear the table and tidy the kitchen without being asked. Makes up for everything. Go to sleep before DH gets home.

"now where the bloody hell is my valium!"


  1. Oh :( Great that you've got a blog though. You'll be able to let off steam here too!! Welcome to blogland.


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