Wednesday, November 08, 2006
Have been doing some 'market research' at work about stocking some more labels. Armani has been mentioned several times, so thought we'd give it a go. The following is a genuine run down!
  • Phone 118 118. Oh, their HO is in Italy. Can't give you that no. you'll need international. Got a number of an Armani store in London. That'll do. Thanks
  • London store - no answer.
  • Phone 118 247. No we're Yellow Pages, you need 0800 blah! blah! blah! Are you sure? Yes, I'm sure. Okay, thanks.
  • Phone 0800 no. Please press any numbers you like and after 10 - 15 mins of wasting your life someone may (but more likely than not, not) help you. Oh no love, we connect new lines you don't want us. But I'll sort you out - I don't think so thanks - you need international. Ears prick up, maybe this guy does know what he's talking about. The numbers 118 500. I'll put you through...
  • Surprise! No, we're domestic. Yes, I'll credit you for this call. And this no. really is international.
  • Phone 0800 505. The man says yes!!!! So, we agree Armani and Milan go together and I get 2 numbers.
  • Both numbers are non-existent. Beginning to think Jeremy Beadle is going to jump out in a minute!
  • Phone 0800 505. Yes, they'll credit me for giving me useless numbers - my words, not theirs. And here's 2 more!
  • Yes, a reply. Yes, we're HO, but you need the London no! I check the number, NOOOOOO. It's the first bloody no., so she offers another.
  • London. Yes, but we retail, and you need this no. for London HO
  • Yes, we're London HO, but you need this no. for distribution.
  • Yes, we're distribution, and you need to contact *******. No, you can't speak to her, first contact should be an email!

Still with me?! I think NO MORE new labels!

Saturday, November 04, 2006
D'oh! So I dutifully typed up my first post and saved it as a draft so I could check my spelling and grammar (?grammer!) Two weeks later I manage to find where the draft is stored. Me and technology - say no more. This could be an interesting relationship.......