Wednesday, December 13, 2006
Had a lovely evening last night. Def one to write about. Went out with my best friend (much as she is, it never sounds right when you're forty-something to say 'my best-friend') Anyhow, got ready to go out and got questioned by the kids. Where are you going? Who with? What time will you be back? Have you got your mobile? Oh, and my favourite I want you home by 9.30 and no bringing any men home!! OMG! Twilight Zone! And, apart from being totally in love with DH, why would I bring more testosterone into the house......

We had a meal at a pub and I was told by my dieting-in-crime partner to eat healthy, so of course I took all the breadcrumbs off of the deep fried scampi! And didn't eat the chips...honest! and then went to a Club to see an Octect from The London Community Gospel Choir. It was just about the best tenner I have spent in a long time. Where to begin, the voices, the atmosphere, the songs, I'll never listen to Swing Low Sweet Chariot again without smiling. Oh, I could go on and on. But if you like gospel music and you get a chance to see them, go for it. Next time they're local I would go again at a minutes notice.


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