Tuesday, December 05, 2006
I just want to say to someone I chatted to yesterday, you're one of the kindest people I've met and you've and not got a bad bone in your body. Nuff said.

This weekend Lows
  • DD waking me up at 5.45 to wish her a happy birthday
  • DS1 having yet another strop - gotta love hormones
  • A truly unbelievable customer, but will save that one for another day!

This weekend Highs

  • DD waking me to wish her a happy birthday :)
  • Only 1 strop between 4 kids :)
  • And the laugh said customer gave us!

So, all in all a calm weekend. See the full moon on it's way. Could change things.

DD had her school disco, and although she has SN, am humbled by parents with kids of much more complex needs. The kids had a whale of a time. Sang Happy Birthday to DD. DJ gave her a packet of sweets she didn't like. So, thank you very much DJ :) Went to a crop on Sunday with MJ. Always fun, food and some scrapping! What did DH do? Worked..shame!


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