Sunday, December 31, 2006
Oops! In my defence have been busy. Shop. Christmas. DH working all over Christmas. 4 kids. Blah! Blah! Blah! So, in brief, cos who really wants to be bored by what other people did at Christmas.

Went to Mass 9pm Christmas Eve this year. First time we haven't been Christmas day for years, but with DH working, wanted to make sure we all went tog. Even DS1's girlfriend joined us :) Lovely service as always. Got home and spent till midnight preparing veg! DS2 helped with the brussels - bless took him 1.5 hours just to peel them! Christmas morning DS1 was a gem with helping prepare for lunch. 11 for lunch. Went smoothly! We all got some lovely pressies, which we got round to opening in the evening! Ooh, and had a bottle of Harrods champagne with our lunch, Lynn brought it round for us, very nice too!

Apart from that it's been pretty quiet. DH was working all week. But off this weekend so we trundled to the sales. Actually wasn't as bad as we thought. I had a list of what I needed and stuck to it. Boots, belt, hair clips, shoes, pr jeans and a few clothes for work. DH bought me 'Victoria Beckham that extra half an inch' and it really helped with deciding what to get. DH reckons it's gonna turn out to be the most expensive book he's ever bought! Boys had really wound me up last couple of days, so grounded the lot of them! Got home from sales to find they had tidied, hoovered, cleaned the kitchen, made beds, made sandwiches...... Will have to ground them more often!! And thanks to step-mum who put a rocket up them to do it!

Had some friends from up north pop in last night. Now, you've got to remember we were talking, cos it looks so obvious when written down. Talking about Lou's Further Ed and what initials she'll have after her name. Her DH says I've got I D I O T after my name. So I sit there trying to figure out what it stands for! D'uh!


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