Tuesday, December 12, 2006
Watch this space.......Photographs coming soon (well as soon as I can figure out how!)

So, back to this second burglary. In brief. Request from loan adjustor some money to cover extra security. No, sorry, like for like. What, even if it helps prevent another burglary and therefore another claim? No, sorry, like for like. So, get quote for second set of shutters, no change out of 2k and 50% up front. Fair enough, but as trade is suffering because of burglary, can't raise 1k, let alone 2. So, go to bank to borrow 2k to make shop more secure. No, sorry, you've not enough income coming through atm. Sigh, that's because of the burglary, which I'm trying to prevent happening again. No, sorry, can't help. So, I can't get any more money from the insurers or the bank, and therefore I can't pay for extra security, so I'll no doubt be burgled yet again, at which time.........ever felt like you're going round in circles!


  1. Hey you!
    Got your (nativity =b) card with your blog details and thought I'd check it out. V GOOD!
    Bummer you been burgled again =[
    the b*****ds.
    Oh, and who's the one that's upset ya? Tell me and I'll sort 'em out!! (rough 'northern' bird that I am!!)
    Just off to dispose of the rudolph card I was gonna post ya - a lovely nativity one is on it's way!!
    Can't believe it was over two months since Centre Parcs, I could do with a break like that right about now!
    Off out for my Christmas do tomorrow - won't be pretty as we could only get a table at 6.00pm, which is a very early start - yes even for me!
    Coming to da 'nell on 29th for 3 nights so will defo see ya then.

    Love & Love to all of ya.


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