Sunday, December 10, 2006
Went to friends for a meal Friday night. Put my face on! Can't remember last time DH and I went out tog on our own. Did think about stopping in a layby on the way home - but decided far too cold! Must be getting old. Lovely evening, who needs potatoes to finish a meal, and frozen pud is very nice! Seriously, had a lovely, lovely, lovely evening :) Quite a good week at work. Spooky Friday. Was telling new 'girl' about good customer that hadn't been in since July, and she turns up that afternoon. Maybe I should try that with others! Dragged ourselves to the shops yesterday and virtually finished Christmas shopping. Headlines yesterday about how only 3 in 100 cards have a nativity theme :( DH knows all about that after he went to town a few weeks ago and walked the length and breadth looking for some!


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