Saturday, January 06, 2007
Happy New Year! Not as it feels much different. I mean one night doesn't exactly change much does it? Except a date. Christmas? Now Christmas I love. NY is highly over-rated (NY = New Year, not New York, I'm sure that isn't over-rated!) Went out New Years Eve, I know, hypocrite! But boys are getting older and just cos we're boring old farts, doesn't mean they are! Music, food and dancing -all DD could ask for, then at 11.20pm, BANG! just like that she got tired. So we took her home and let the boys stay at the party. Thank God as it turned out, DS1 and one of his cousins decided to sing a duet on the karaoke. I keep telling him he's tone deaf, but of course teenage boys know everything!

Sale has started at the shop. Bugaboo Gecko reduced from £475 to £325. £150 saving just because it's the shop model. Bargain, or so you'd think! "oh, that's a good saving, I do like it, will let you know". 24 hours later. "Would you accept £200" Okay, didn't say the following, but should have said "Why would I?! Would you go to M&S and say, I know my bills come to £100, but will £20 do!"

And a final note.. New Years resolutions?....NO!


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  2. Sorry posting again as completely miss hit all the keys on the first one!!!! No havn't been at the alcohol, honestly.

    Was it the same woman who tried to buy the car seat!!!!!

    MJ xx


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