Saturday, February 24, 2007
The best laid plans and all that...Half-term booked off to spend with the kids. 1 x night out. 1 x visit to friends. 1 x friend visiting and going out for the day. Days out with the kids. Dad and Sandras for a meal and leave the kids for a couple of days. Sound good? I thought so too. Reality. One night out - check. Too much to drink, great fun. Friend visiting with kids - check. Did we go out. Of course not. It's half term so the British weather performed in true style and rained for most of the day. Did manage a Frankie and Benny's though and it was still lovely to get together, just a shame we couldn't get out anywhere. And for the rest a big fat NO. DS2 developed the lurgy first. Temp of 39 and pretty ropey. Very kindly passed it around the rest of us. Can't say he doesn't share. DD has even had the whole of this week off poor love. I stayed in my PJ's for 3 days. Of course still had business appointments - and for those I did dress. So a buying trip to London, when we both had temps of 39 was not the highlight of the week. Especially when it took 2.5 hours to get home. And a round trip to the NEC finished me off.

Center Parcs for the girls. Kept putting off booking it. Waiting for a date for a event called Scrap Trap. Finally book CP for October, then hear ST will also be in Oct. Now that, Ladies and Gentlemen, is what is known as sods law.

So that sums up the last 2 weeks. Not been anywhere exciting; not done much expect nurse poorly peeps; and taken no photos. Oh, and can someone please tell me how it can possibly be March next week.
Tuesday, February 13, 2007

No stopping me now. A few photos from the snow last week :)
Monday, February 12, 2007

So far so good. All footy was cancelled so that has to be a good thing. Went out round a friends Sat evening and drank a bottle of red wine and sang very badly on Song Star, but as I was merry didn't care. Blitzed my scrap stuff. Getting there. Today spent a lovely day with Suzanne and her children. Very chilled. Didn't do much except chat and drink, no, sadly tea and coffee, no alcohol, said we'd save that for next time. Did have dinner at Frankie & Bennys. DS3 and her son got on very well. DD was her usually mixed bag, nice one minute, mean the next. Need to work on that.

BUT, Suzanne taught me a few tricks on here, so, can now do links in the words AND I can upload photos. So the above are some from today :)

Saturday, February 10, 2007
Why do we put ourselves through the stress of motherhood? Several years ago, when DS2 was 8 or 9 he went missing one Sunday evening. Unless you've had a child go AWOL you could not imagine the physical pain and anguish you go through. 3 hours of hell I will never forget. You go through the not being where they're supposed to be; being late home; not contactable; having family and friends scouring the town; to deciding the police is the only way forward. When you find them, playing happily in the woods behind a friends garden, completely oblivious to everything, all you want to do is hug then for eternity. Fast forward to DS3, who's 11, but not as street-wise as all of his big brothers. So school finishes at 1.30 because of the snow. 4.30 and the others have been and gone, but not him. Of course he's left his phone at home. 5pm make a couple of phone calls. 5.30 getting anxious. It's not late, but it has been 4 hours since school closed. Send DS2 out looking with his mates. 6.15, and it's dark, he strolls through the door. And where have you been? Round at A's playing. Do they have a phone? Yes,why? Oh I don't know, maybe so you could have let me know where you were. Not as stressful as the last time, but it headed that way. So, he's gone away with the school on a trip this weekend, so I've saved his grounding and anything else I can think of till he gets back.

What else. We had snow! Took some fab photos, really must master uploading photos on here. DD's school shut for 2 days, so Thursday decided not to open shop. Couldn't honestly see a huge amount of people out and about. DS1's girlfriend got bundled by some prats poor love. Came home and went straight in nice hot bath. Friday DH was off so he had DD duty and I went to work. He decided to make homemade pizza. Slight hiccup. All the dough stuck to the greaseproof paper. Apparently if you plan to heat the greaseproof paper you should grease it! Go figure.

Busy half term planned. Hoping to visit Jeanette today, still poorly :( Then alcohol tonight with Julie:) May take DD to the cinema, depends if she stops crying sometime today. Sunday DS1 has a footy match. Monday DD, DS3 and me get to spend the day with the LOVELY Suzanne and her kids. Tuesday dentist :( Liz's in the evening for a scrap! Wednesday up to London buying for Quiksilver. Thursday boys to dads. So I'll update probably Friday!

Have a good half term xx
Monday, February 05, 2007
Happy February :) Got reprimanded at the weekend for not updating blog. What can I say? Life and all that. This time of year is manic for fashion retailers. We have Christmas; January sale stock going out; new stock coming in; ordering for next season........deep breath.....VAT; end of year accounts and self-assessment. And as DH says, if I stuck a broom where the sun doesn't shine I could sweep the floor as well! And that's just work.

Still, sorry Miss, will try harder. But because of the above, and that I'm doing a round trip to a trade fair tomorrow, which means 14 hours non-stop, this is a short post. So, will share this gem :)

At Center Parcs last year, listening to Meatloaf. Had several drinks working their magic. Song is Two out of Three Aint Bad and I am in stitches. Eventually agreed to share story. Long time ago used to sing this to a boyfriend who had, oh God, how to share, Performance Anxiety. So I rewrote the words for him to I want you, I love you, but there aint no way I'm ever going to **** you. For some reason my girlfriends seemed to think that probably didn't help the situation!