Saturday, February 24, 2007
The best laid plans and all that...Half-term booked off to spend with the kids. 1 x night out. 1 x visit to friends. 1 x friend visiting and going out for the day. Days out with the kids. Dad and Sandras for a meal and leave the kids for a couple of days. Sound good? I thought so too. Reality. One night out - check. Too much to drink, great fun. Friend visiting with kids - check. Did we go out. Of course not. It's half term so the British weather performed in true style and rained for most of the day. Did manage a Frankie and Benny's though and it was still lovely to get together, just a shame we couldn't get out anywhere. And for the rest a big fat NO. DS2 developed the lurgy first. Temp of 39 and pretty ropey. Very kindly passed it around the rest of us. Can't say he doesn't share. DD has even had the whole of this week off poor love. I stayed in my PJ's for 3 days. Of course still had business appointments - and for those I did dress. So a buying trip to London, when we both had temps of 39 was not the highlight of the week. Especially when it took 2.5 hours to get home. And a round trip to the NEC finished me off.

Center Parcs for the girls. Kept putting off booking it. Waiting for a date for a event called Scrap Trap. Finally book CP for October, then hear ST will also be in Oct. Now that, Ladies and Gentlemen, is what is known as sods law.

So that sums up the last 2 weeks. Not been anywhere exciting; not done much expect nurse poorly peeps; and taken no photos. Oh, and can someone please tell me how it can possibly be March next week.


  1. Loving all the photos, especially those Snow ones. Hang in there hun

    Sending huge hugs

    MJ xx


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