Monday, February 05, 2007
Happy February :) Got reprimanded at the weekend for not updating blog. What can I say? Life and all that. This time of year is manic for fashion retailers. We have Christmas; January sale stock going out; new stock coming in; ordering for next season........deep breath.....VAT; end of year accounts and self-assessment. And as DH says, if I stuck a broom where the sun doesn't shine I could sweep the floor as well! And that's just work.

Still, sorry Miss, will try harder. But because of the above, and that I'm doing a round trip to a trade fair tomorrow, which means 14 hours non-stop, this is a short post. So, will share this gem :)

At Center Parcs last year, listening to Meatloaf. Had several drinks working their magic. Song is Two out of Three Aint Bad and I am in stitches. Eventually agreed to share story. Long time ago used to sing this to a boyfriend who had, oh God, how to share, Performance Anxiety. So I rewrote the words for him to I want you, I love you, but there aint no way I'm ever going to **** you. For some reason my girlfriends seemed to think that probably didn't help the situation!


  1. LOL No kidding, can't see him performing well after that version!!!!

    Yay an entry, sorry hun know your busy, won't bug you to update;

    Leave the broom on the floor though, could mean a trip to A&E!!

    MJ x

  2. OMG Suzanne that's hilarious! The poor boy .....


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