Monday, March 26, 2007
Football, football, football. Another weekend, must be football. Too tired for anything so sleep. Sadly during the England-Italy Under 21's, which was pretty good. Had tried to get tickets to go see it, but was unlucky. Should have fallen asleep during the England-Israel game. Yawn making. Supposed to go out with a couple of girlfriends. I couldn't even get dressed today, let alone get dressed up to go out on the razz. Clocks go forward, like I haven't lost enough sleep this week. Not helped by DS1 going out with girlfriend to celebrate her birthday. Don't wait up mum I've got a key. You're 15, I don't think so. Half past one he sneaks in, explains why he didn't want me staying up. Now..punishment.. Find bath paints in DD's bedroom, so DH uses them with her at bathtime. Glad he got to bath her. Thought I'd give my bedroom a blitz. You know what thought did. So not a good idea. Still cleared away some very old nail polish- my God, did I ever wear some of those colours! And some contact lenses which expired in 2004. Could be the reason my eyes keep getting bloodshot. Three carrier bags later I'm quite proud of myself. Well, sort of, cos let's be honest all that crap should be cleared out regularly. And then Monday and back at work. We have a Starbucks just opened :) so anyone that want's a coffee, and you're in Ascot, count me in :)

Highlight of the weekend - had to be DS1 getting a red card at footy. He is indignant. DH says it should have been a yellow. Other dads advise DH they had a sweepstake as to when DS1 would get a red card, and the absolutely outside bet was Under 12's, not Under 15's! So what does that tell you? I am so proud of him. Not cos he received a red card, but because her has only just received one. Not bad for a teenager with ADHD :)


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