Wednesday, March 28, 2007
Get woken up by DH's alarm going off at 4am. Drop back off to sleep. 6am and DS1's alarm goes. Doze. 6.30 am DD crawls into bed and ask me to put cbeebies on. Have a cuddle and a chat. Alarm goes at 7am. Why do I bother to even set it? Get up and wake up Josh and Ben. Sort out clothes for DD and me. Call Josh and Ben. Shower and hairwash with DD. Ritual nit check. Wrap DD in towel. I dress. Then I dress DD, she couldn't do it on her own. No time to pretty her hair so a ponytail will have to do. Take DD downstairs. Sort out breakfast for her. Clean and refill Goodsphere. Shout at Josh and Ben to shift themselves, Mum can I have some money. No. Okay, I'm off to school. Only 7.30, but somehow he'll still manage to be late for tutor. Collect washing scattered around the house. Empty washing machine. Hang clothes. Clean DD. Packed lunches for 3. Ben, have you taken your tablet? Mum I need this form filling in. Ok, when does it have to be in by? Today. Mutter under breath. 3 forms and a cheque to complete in 5 mins. Adam knocks. Could you get Ben's bike out hunny to save time? He's like an extra son, but helpful! Clean table. Coat on DD. Bus arrives for her. Ben and Adam leave. Ben and Adam come back. Ben forgot PE kit. Find kit. Ben and Adam leave. Josh wants a lift to school. Take to school. Come home. Collect washing up scattered around the house. Fill dishwasher. Wash a few bits by hand. Sort out recycling. Put kettle on - at last. Fill washing machine. Check upstairs, windows shut, loos flushed, computers and lights off, beds made and curtains open. Make cuppa and bowl of porridge. Have my breakfast while I check online banking and the Pad. Reply to emails. Sort out post. Go to work and it's still only 9.15am.

Roll out of bed. Dress. Eat. Watch tv. Play on computer. Go to school.

Can I be a child again please!


  1. Blimey, i'm exhausted just reading it!

  2. Oooooops
    Logged in as hubby, that was me who posted that lol

  3. Oww if you find the magic potion can I have some too please.

    MJ xx


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