Monday, April 30, 2007
Just a quickie for today. Did this on a forum recently. List 10 weird facts about yourself.

  1. I was due on the 13th and I was 13 days late.
  2. Jeff calls me a witch as I have a touch of ESP, but especially during stressful periods of my life.
  3. I have seen my Guardian Angel, and other ghosts and sensed spirits.
  4. I hate flying with such a passion that I actually disembarked after our luggage was on the plane, but I do suffer from claustrophobia.
  5. I have a really loud, dirty laugh.
  6. I have been engaged twice and married twice, not to the same two fellas!
  7. My wedding ring was silver and cost £5 as that was all we could afford.
  8. I have a habit of leaving things in the fridge that have been in my hand when I'm opening the fridge.
  9. I once sang 2 duets on stage. Never again, truly scary.
  10. I snogged Ringo Starrs son, Zak.

Okay, anybody else gonna share? :)

Saturday, April 21, 2007
Where to begin since I last blogged. Just me, or does anyone else think that sounds gross.
  • 2 governor meetings.
  • 1 trade fair.
  • 2 rep visits.
  • 1 purchase of a ribbon print system, which is so cool, but can't be used yet because my laptop doesn't run the necessary software. I may have had it about 7 years, and it may have been second hand when I bought it! But it's still working so I see no reason to replace it. No, instead a letter is on it's way to the ribbon people for forgetting to advise me what was needed before I parted with my pennies.
  • 3 school football matches.
  • 2 scrapping evenings round at a friends.
  • My closest friend has had yet more surgery on her wrist :( Lots of {{{hugs}}} Joy xx
  • Ben off to France for 10 days to visit his cousin and family. His first flight. Luckily my fear of flying hasn't infected him. He loved it. And the holiday. Well what choice. 10 days here stuck behind the computer with typical english weather. Or 10 days in France with the favourite cousin, huge garden, fresh air and 2 plane trips.
  • Other 2DS's and DH cleared off to Holland for 5 days over the Easter weekend. Wasn't impressed with the timing, but did enjoy chilling with just me and DD. Loads of tv watching, scrapping, chocolate eating, lazy doing nothing days.
  • All day crop at MJ's Crop Circle, always fun :)

Saving the best till last :)

  • My dear, dear, friend Suzanne got through to the last 3 of an international scrapping competition. You rock girl :)
  • Shop's been picking up lately. This week has been the best non-sale week ever :)

And the Grand Finale?

  • Up till Thursday just routine everyday stuff. But, OMG, yesterday I was approached with the most amazing business opportunity. At the moment I'm in a bit of a daze - understatement! Trying not to get too excited cos it's such early days. But it would change our lives beyond recognition. Have only discussed it with step-mum, who's doing the rational thinking. And with DH's shifts we haven't even had a chance to talk about it. Watch this space ......