Wednesday, May 16, 2007
What a hectic few days. DS1 is now 72 hours into his anti-bs and getting better. DH and I feel like cr*p because of the lack of sleep we've had checking on him. Had to cancel seeing Joy tonight, because although Nicholas Cage would normally keep me interested, tonight I feel I may just fall asleep at the cinema. Much as I know Joy loves me, not sure she wants me dribbling and snoring on her shoulder. Last week got a letter from the VAT office informing me that I was due a rebate of nearly 500 quid. I don't think so, but they are adamant. So, great, will fix bushes - whatever they may be - on car. Get used to the idea, money will be very helpful. Today get letter saying they think they made a mistake. Well, d'uh, I told them that. And now I've just got used to getting it. Typical. Been approached by someone on behalf of the BBC. They are considering making a documentary about special schools - and would like to feature DD and her school. so now she's walking around saying I'm gonna be a film star. Like she knows what that means. We'll see. Very early days yet. Chatted to third party today about exciting proposition and it's still moving forward. Emails have been sent. Trying not to get too excited. And that's that.
Monday, May 14, 2007
Letter sent to Pontins. Wonder what excuses they will come up with. What else? Went to Cropping with Friends crop run by Beth with Anna on Saturday. DH phones. Out of interest, where are you today? Bless, happily let's me wander off and doesn't blink an eye. Maybe I could try further afield, then the answer would be something like, Tenerife, back in 2 weeks. No, maybe not. Had a lovely evening planned. DD going to aunty's. DS2 and DS3 and neighbours boy staying in. DS1 and his mate staying at his mates. Result, I'm going drinking. Silly me for thinking everything would run smoothly. DS1 and his mate decide to stay in. So, do I still feel like going out for the evening and giving 5 teenage boys the run of the house. Funnily enough, I don't. So cancel my night out and babysitter and have a petulant strop. Kids wait for me to calm down, then proceed to ask as I'm not going out, can they? The air was blue, and I get the distinct feeling I was shafted.

Sunday and DS1 is feeling lousy. I mean scarily so, can't breath, lips blue etc. So drop DD off at another aunty's - thank God for my dear friends, I love you sooo much :) and Joy (Sister on a ward) has a quick listen to his chest- proceed to out of hours. You should have rang. He can't breathe. Well if you ring we usually get back quicker. But he can't breath. Fill in form. See dr. 2 mins. Doesn't even do that thing they do with the fingers patting the back. Chest infection. Take these. Ring if he gets worse. What, and you'll get back to me within 2 hours. I suppose that's better than an NHS average. Neighbour - paramedic - and DS1's girlfriend mum - senior staff nurse - also check him over. All this female attention, not sure if DS1 is loving or hating it. General consensus from all watch him closely. So up all night checking on him. Take him back to hospital. Sorry, minor injuries only, can't deal with him, GP is best. Off to GP, who was fab, and then back to the hospital for x-ray. Looks like pneumonia. Has an inhaler and GP says if he gets any worse, call an ambulance and he'll need to be admitted. To my GP and 3 friends, thank you, and to the out-of-hours GP - insert smilie sticking his tongue out here.
Tuesday, May 08, 2007
Pontins (P) and Butlins, bastions of the English tradition of the Holiday Camp. Epitomised in Hi Di Hi and numerous black and white newsreels that appear when we're feeling nostalgic and reminiscing about the 'good old days'. So we're off to P for a football weekend. Not a cheap weekend for 6 and studying their brochure the same accommodation we're staying in would cost £750 in the height of the summer. Late as usual. Finish work at 5pm. Leave about 7pm after the usual rows about what to take and Do I have to go away with my family? It's so lame! We didn't hear that sentence said again when 15 year old found out how many pretty young girls were there, hardly saw him after that. 9pm and we're just in. Boys unpack. DH sorts out kitchen and food. I sort out DD and me. Not sure how I always end up with the short straw. Bathroom is just too skanky for words, photos taken to share with P. Even with 3 teenage boys our bathroom never looks like that. Did not bode well for the weekend if P thinks it's okay to house guests in accommodation like that. Did we sleep well? Kids yes, us no. Put-you-up was an experience. Fine if you needed to reduce high b.p. or slow down a bleed, but can't think of any other reason why your head should be lower than your legs in bed. Mum we got ants. Considering we had left nothing out, one must assume they were around the night before but we hadn't spotted them. An empty glass of a generic cream liquer more commonly known as Baileys left out on Saturday night sorts them out! Breakfast and we have a table for 6 in a 6 berth accommodation with 4 chairs. Surprised? Not really. Empty milk bottles and tins. Boys go put these in the recycling bin...can't find one....go look beyond the end of the your nose....still can't find one. And they are actually right. We are in the 21st century when the environment is a major news source and P do not offer recycling. So we brought it home. Footy was fun and organised. Sat PM DS3, DD, DH and me all decide to go swimming. Nice and clean, not too busy. Small separate shallow pool. Perfect for DD and her Special Needs. Well, glad we got in with her, as the lifeguards paid very little attention to the baby pool. We were the only parents in there. Others were watching from the tables.At no time did they try and stop the group of 6-8 older boys who insisted on getting in, splashing and running in it, and getting out again. 8pm and the Kids Disco which we loved and the Blue Coats were fab. Can't begin to imagine how difficult it must be to be enthusiastic with half a dozen shy kids staring at you. Sunday AM and more footy. Note to self, must get DS2 a David Beckham alice band. PM and take DS3 and DD to play area. Equipment is varied and looked well maintained. Unlike the surrounds. Another photo to be disappointed with. Oh, while we're on photos, took one of and electricity junction box with the cover off. Sadly this wasn't the only one. DH watches footy at the Queen Vic - nice pint of Guiness and then brings us takeaway home. Now, I am a 1 in 10, and not in the UB40 sense of the phrase, but as in a vegetarian. And I hate to mention it again, but we are in the 21st c and P takeaway don't cater for veggies. So I had a portion of chips, and mustn't forget the onion rings, that made all the difference. All the males attend the football presentation and then it's Monday. Make sure apartment is clean and vacated by 10am. Hand back keys and get directions from helpful staff to Battle. Then last stop. Arcades to cash in tokens and get a cheap nasty gift that you could probably have bought 10 times over the amount spent on the not-anymore-penny machines. One hour and ten minutes later I am on the verge of erupting. You queue in true English fashion to feed the tokens into a machine which gives you a receipt for how many you had. You then queue again and swap said receipt for a cheap tacky something. So far so good. Now consider how much Joe Public likes the Arcades; and how many tickets you can collect in a weekend. Now think about Monday being a kicking out day. And that there is only 1 machine. Beginning to get the picture. We had 400 tickets as actually we can't afford to spend too much on the machines. The 5 or 6 kids directly in front of us had a similar amount. But the 4 kids in front of them had a carrier bag each, and their receipts were coming out at over 2000 each. So we queued and waited. Everybody queued and waited. The 2 people in the kiosk waited. Maybe I'm being a bit radical here, but wouldn't 2 machines be useful. Or the staff in the kiosk be allowed to count small amounts during peak periods. But hey, maybe there's other reasons, like getting us to spend more while we're waiting. Worked with DD as we bought her something to eat and drink whilst waiting. Was quite disappointed with her actually. She behaved so well, when I was secretly hoping she would have one of her mega tantrums. Kids, can't trust them. So final stop back to nice gentleman, and girl who decides to finish off private convo. Am I sure. Well, unless she likes to tell guests that she loves them loads, several times, I'm pretty sure. Nothing wrong with private calls, just maybe not in front of the guests, and especially those that have mentioned the Complaint word. He finds me an address. She says I should have mentioned in earlier. Excuse me, but nobody should have been put up in that room in the first place. So, letter winging its way, or maybe I'll just direct them here.

Then we went to Camber sands, which was very windy, so much so that DS1 and 2 refused to go on the beach. I thought I was breeding men, not tarts. Quick couple of photos - ever the scrapper - before Ella became the kite. Then to Battle where we found a lovely little tea shop, and took photos of the outside of the castle, too, too windy for words.

Altogether a lovely weekend, the P's fiasco didn't spoil the time away. And the only row all weekend was between DH and me - kids were fab :)
Thursday, May 03, 2007
So did you vote yesterday? If not, why not? Well unless you're under 18, or your local council didn't have by-elections there's no excuse. Suffragettes enabled women to vote, and many countries on this earth don't have freedom of speech, let alone the opportunity to vote. So I strolled off and voted. I love the anonymity, no seriously, you put your x's in the squares, but the officials record which ballot slip you've used. Never sat well with me that. But apparently I can't vote unless they record which slip they gave me, like I say, love the anonymity. Which leads nicely onto why the need to be anonymous. If you can't put your name to something you shouldn't pen it. Put up or shut up springs to mind. Which leads to betraying confidences. Stand up and own up. We're only on this planet for such a brief period, why would anyone want to spend it miserable and sour, and just plain nasty to others.