Monday, May 14, 2007
Letter sent to Pontins. Wonder what excuses they will come up with. What else? Went to Cropping with Friends crop run by Beth with Anna on Saturday. DH phones. Out of interest, where are you today? Bless, happily let's me wander off and doesn't blink an eye. Maybe I could try further afield, then the answer would be something like, Tenerife, back in 2 weeks. No, maybe not. Had a lovely evening planned. DD going to aunty's. DS2 and DS3 and neighbours boy staying in. DS1 and his mate staying at his mates. Result, I'm going drinking. Silly me for thinking everything would run smoothly. DS1 and his mate decide to stay in. So, do I still feel like going out for the evening and giving 5 teenage boys the run of the house. Funnily enough, I don't. So cancel my night out and babysitter and have a petulant strop. Kids wait for me to calm down, then proceed to ask as I'm not going out, can they? The air was blue, and I get the distinct feeling I was shafted.

Sunday and DS1 is feeling lousy. I mean scarily so, can't breath, lips blue etc. So drop DD off at another aunty's - thank God for my dear friends, I love you sooo much :) and Joy (Sister on a ward) has a quick listen to his chest- proceed to out of hours. You should have rang. He can't breathe. Well if you ring we usually get back quicker. But he can't breath. Fill in form. See dr. 2 mins. Doesn't even do that thing they do with the fingers patting the back. Chest infection. Take these. Ring if he gets worse. What, and you'll get back to me within 2 hours. I suppose that's better than an NHS average. Neighbour - paramedic - and DS1's girlfriend mum - senior staff nurse - also check him over. All this female attention, not sure if DS1 is loving or hating it. General consensus from all watch him closely. So up all night checking on him. Take him back to hospital. Sorry, minor injuries only, can't deal with him, GP is best. Off to GP, who was fab, and then back to the hospital for x-ray. Looks like pneumonia. Has an inhaler and GP says if he gets any worse, call an ambulance and he'll need to be admitted. To my GP and 3 friends, thank you, and to the out-of-hours GP - insert smilie sticking his tongue out here.


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