Thursday, May 03, 2007
So did you vote yesterday? If not, why not? Well unless you're under 18, or your local council didn't have by-elections there's no excuse. Suffragettes enabled women to vote, and many countries on this earth don't have freedom of speech, let alone the opportunity to vote. So I strolled off and voted. I love the anonymity, no seriously, you put your x's in the squares, but the officials record which ballot slip you've used. Never sat well with me that. But apparently I can't vote unless they record which slip they gave me, like I say, love the anonymity. Which leads nicely onto why the need to be anonymous. If you can't put your name to something you shouldn't pen it. Put up or shut up springs to mind. Which leads to betraying confidences. Stand up and own up. We're only on this planet for such a brief period, why would anyone want to spend it miserable and sour, and just plain nasty to others.


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