Wednesday, May 16, 2007
What a hectic few days. DS1 is now 72 hours into his anti-bs and getting better. DH and I feel like cr*p because of the lack of sleep we've had checking on him. Had to cancel seeing Joy tonight, because although Nicholas Cage would normally keep me interested, tonight I feel I may just fall asleep at the cinema. Much as I know Joy loves me, not sure she wants me dribbling and snoring on her shoulder. Last week got a letter from the VAT office informing me that I was due a rebate of nearly 500 quid. I don't think so, but they are adamant. So, great, will fix bushes - whatever they may be - on car. Get used to the idea, money will be very helpful. Today get letter saying they think they made a mistake. Well, d'uh, I told them that. And now I've just got used to getting it. Typical. Been approached by someone on behalf of the BBC. They are considering making a documentary about special schools - and would like to feature DD and her school. so now she's walking around saying I'm gonna be a film star. Like she knows what that means. We'll see. Very early days yet. Chatted to third party today about exciting proposition and it's still moving forward. Emails have been sent. Trying not to get too excited. And that's that.


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