Saturday, June 30, 2007
So ... very ironic post if you re-visit the last one.

9.45pm Friday. Get a phone call from police station. Nearest one that opens at night. Not in our town of course. We have over 150,000 people, why on earth would we warrant a 24 hour service? DS1 has been arrested for robbery. Could an appropriate adult make their way over. So DH, DD and I trundle over. All have to go as there is no parking at the police station, and I wasn't going to stroll the streets at night. Leave DS2 home alone and DS3 is staying at friends. 10.20 arrive at police station. Taken straight through to see DS, only me though. No conversation with custody bod or anyone else about what DS is doing there. DS does tell me that 7 policeman, including one with a dog arrested them; 1 police car, 1dog van and a police van! For 3 kids carrying...a lighter. And 6 of the policemen didn't even want to arrest them, but 1 did!11.50pm ask what is going on. Escorted back to reception with a "we'll let you know" 12.15am. Keeping boys (3 of them) in overnight as "we might need to take their clothes for evidence and we don't like to interview minors in the middle of the night". Can we say goodnight to the boys? No, too busy! Have since found out as his 'appropriate adult' I had the right to see him for a private conversation at any time. I should not have been denied the opportunity to say goonight to my 15 year old, who has never been in trouble before and has never spent a night in the cells, regardless of how busy it was.

6am - after only 5.5 hours sleep maximum, DS gets woken up for DNA and finger-prints. So, no interviewing in the night, but less than 5.5 hours sleep is okay? Offered breakfast but he refused. Maybe it's me, but why the hell were they offering? He's a minor, probably scared s***less, give him the goddamn breakfast. If he doesn't eat it, which is pretty unlikely, it's up to him.

9.45am get phone call. Sooner I can get there, sooner they can get DS home. What about 8year old DD? No, sorry, can't help you out. Thanks once again to her Aunty for helping out :) Arrive 10.15am. Told will be dealt with shortly. 11.40 ask again when am I going to get to see my son, as he has been in a cell for approx 14 hours. Finally see him 11.50am. Explains what happens. Obviously has not done anything wrong, and not impressed. Interview around 1pm. Even then DS makes me smile. Detective 'could you describe the physique of the accuser?' DS 'Not very good'! I could see even the detectives trying not to smile at that one.Many more one liners. At the end of the interview I request to know what my son has been charged with as I still hadn't been informed. and we go back to cell. Oh, still has clothes on, so no need after all to take them, what a surprise. 2.15 - ish, advise charges have been dropped and we can go!

So, my son can be assaulted and nothing happens, but some drunk accuses him of nicking his beer and my son has been arrested. WTF? And did it really have to take 15.5 hours and an overnight stay? He's not exactly a menace to society. We could have brought him back on Saturday? And not letting us speak to him as requested as his Appropriate Adult as set out in PACE? And not telling us why he was being detained, as set out in PACE? Oh, and not being offered lunch? And this on the day the prisons released 1200 prisoners early? And not being offered guidance notes for the Appropriate Adult as set out in PACE? And not being present when he was read his rights? And not being present when his DNA and photograph were taken? Yes, that's right, both set out in PACE.

Am I letting this go? I think not.
Thursday, June 28, 2007
Copy of letter sent to local police today. Should have got the message.

Further to your letter of 15th June 2007 I would be grateful if you would amend your records. The victim’s name is Joseph ******, not Joe S********. Further, I am shocked this is the first communication we have had from the police since Joseph reported being assaulted. Joseph is a minor, aged 15, and was assaulted in B********. Why does this not warrant following up in more detail? By the time the police investigate any CCTV will probably be recorded over and Joseph and his friends description of the man will be waning. This ‘investigation’ is a far cry from when my 13 year old had a prank with washing up liquid and a fountain. He ended up in the cells and given a Final Warning for his first offence. Perhaps you would explain to me how the police can investigate a prank so thoroughly and to date do nothing about an assault? I would appreciate a reply by return of post.
Thursday, June 21, 2007
Busy day planned. DD is back to school, still blotchy, but otherwise well. Slight hiccup. School transport didn't turn up. So instead of being at school doing governor stuff I'm trundling through the rush hour traffic to take DD to school. And of course going to special school means it's not 2 mins down the road. Had lunch a a local pub with Joy, Anna and Ariane. Very enjoyable :) Fell asleep with DH this afternoon - that middle aged thing really is hitting home! And started to pack as I'm going away at the weekend. But no doubt I'll be packing tomorrow at the eleventh hour, no point in changing the habit of a lifetime.
Tuesday, June 19, 2007
Firstly, Happy Birthday DS3 :) 12 today. I cannot believe his life is flying past like that, but he's turning into quite a lovely young man. The last few days - well I worked Saturday and yesterday. Not bad days. Looks like SIL may have come up with an idea to keep the business afloat. If it doesn't work I shall, less than gracefully, accept defeat. DS1 played a football tournament at the weekend, got knocked out in the semi-finals. Not sure what's happening with his team. They have been in so many finals and semi's this season but have lost. Always next season. Had a governor meeting yesterday morning to do with special needs, an area obviously close to my heart.

And the headlines for todays post. Poor DD. Came up in this rash yesterday :( Dr thinks it's an allergic reaction to the anti-b's she had last week. Think I'd better wrap her up in cotton wool, they say things come in threes.

Sunday, June 17, 2007
Morning :) Firstly, I need to talk about DH. It was mentioned to me that I don't talk about him much on here. That's mainly because he doesn't do anything terribly annoying or exciting! He's still here, working at the same place, and goes out occasionally. Oh, and he's definately getting middle aged as he's taken a real interest in the garden, including growing plants from seedlings and propogating them! This is the first year since we moved into this house that the garden looks lovely.

DS1 has recovered completely (you may remember when DS1 was 5 weeks old he developed pneumonia and a pneumothorax and very nearly died, so you can imagine how stressful the past few weeks have been for me), and is now back to being a typical hormonal teenager with all the attitude that that entails, including coming home past curfew. He is obvlious to the fact that DS2 can't come in till he does; that when he does come in he wakes DD up; that I get stressed when he's late as I worry. And stressy, OMG, Kevin and Perry combined have nothing on him.

DS2 is the same. Still keen on the same young girl since Christmas but hasn't asked her out yet. He's confident she'll wait. I've tried to tell him there's a limit on how long a girl will wait, but he wont have any of it.

DS3 has been trying very hard at school. He's like me in that respect, knows he has to go to school but doesn't particularly enjoy it. Plus we both have the attention span of a gnat so that doesn't exactly help either! But we're very proud of him as he just received the Managers Player of the Year Award at his annual football awards :) That means at some point all 3 have received it - very proud mum moment :)

DD is having a downtime. We have had several months of super behaviour, so I suppose we are bound to get these setbacks, but they are hard. She's also had a tooth abcess this week. Her face was so swollen her eye couldn't fully open and her lip was drooping. Poor hunny.

And me? I've missed out on an MJ all day crop, because DD was the child from hell. I've had a Starbucks with a lovely friend that I haven't seen for ages - thanks Lydia :) - and been busy at work. What an exciting life I lead!

Plus nearly all of us (not DS1) went to Holland for a long weekend. We had a lovely relaxing time. It was a scrapping weekend - Scrapaganza - Friday night to Sunday night. We arrived Thursday lunchtime to make the most of the weekend. The weather was beautiful. The town is by the sea so a couple of trips to the beach was on the agenda. We also made full use of the hotels pool, indoor kids area and the bar. The scrapping was great too. The only downer was the attitude of a Scrapping Celebrity. As you know DD has SN, and had decided to scream - and I mean scream - for 20 mins in the hotel. We've no idea why, and couldn't stop her. She finally ceased so we went for a walk to the beach, me emotionally drained from everything over the previous few weeks, and she was winding up to start again. My exact words were "DD, please be quiet". The look of disdain on this womans face as she walked past was shocking. Actually stopped me in my tracks. And everytime we passed her around town, the same look. Who was she to judge me? She knows nothing about my life or my relationship with DD. I was, and still am tbh, incensed at her holier than thou attitude.

And that's all for now :)
Saturday, June 09, 2007
What to say? Since I last blogged I've had a birthday. It was a Saturday and it wasn't my Saturday to work and DH was also off. Great, or so I thought. Breakfast in bed, lazy day sitting in the garden. Reality. Have to be at the football pitch for 8.30, so breakfast in bed is out. Raining for England, so sitting in the sun is out. Get called into work so day off is out. And we end the day with the kids out, and DH falling asleep in front of the telly. But got some lovely pressies :)

Been to the pics and saw Wedding Daze with a couple of friends - easy viewing chick flick :) Been to the school to 'chat' to the Headteacher. Been to see the Bank Manager about the business.

And the rest of the time? Do I write about how the kids are driving me to distraction. Nope, that would be too long an epic!