Tuesday, June 19, 2007
Firstly, Happy Birthday DS3 :) 12 today. I cannot believe his life is flying past like that, but he's turning into quite a lovely young man. The last few days - well I worked Saturday and yesterday. Not bad days. Looks like SIL may have come up with an idea to keep the business afloat. If it doesn't work I shall, less than gracefully, accept defeat. DS1 played a football tournament at the weekend, got knocked out in the semi-finals. Not sure what's happening with his team. They have been in so many finals and semi's this season but have lost. Always next season. Had a governor meeting yesterday morning to do with special needs, an area obviously close to my heart.

And the headlines for todays post. Poor DD. Came up in this rash yesterday :( Dr thinks it's an allergic reaction to the anti-b's she had last week. Think I'd better wrap her up in cotton wool, they say things come in threes.


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