Saturday, June 30, 2007
So ... very ironic post if you re-visit the last one.

9.45pm Friday. Get a phone call from police station. Nearest one that opens at night. Not in our town of course. We have over 150,000 people, why on earth would we warrant a 24 hour service? DS1 has been arrested for robbery. Could an appropriate adult make their way over. So DH, DD and I trundle over. All have to go as there is no parking at the police station, and I wasn't going to stroll the streets at night. Leave DS2 home alone and DS3 is staying at friends. 10.20 arrive at police station. Taken straight through to see DS, only me though. No conversation with custody bod or anyone else about what DS is doing there. DS does tell me that 7 policeman, including one with a dog arrested them; 1 police car, 1dog van and a police van! For 3 kids carrying...a lighter. And 6 of the policemen didn't even want to arrest them, but 1 did!11.50pm ask what is going on. Escorted back to reception with a "we'll let you know" 12.15am. Keeping boys (3 of them) in overnight as "we might need to take their clothes for evidence and we don't like to interview minors in the middle of the night". Can we say goodnight to the boys? No, too busy! Have since found out as his 'appropriate adult' I had the right to see him for a private conversation at any time. I should not have been denied the opportunity to say goonight to my 15 year old, who has never been in trouble before and has never spent a night in the cells, regardless of how busy it was.

6am - after only 5.5 hours sleep maximum, DS gets woken up for DNA and finger-prints. So, no interviewing in the night, but less than 5.5 hours sleep is okay? Offered breakfast but he refused. Maybe it's me, but why the hell were they offering? He's a minor, probably scared s***less, give him the goddamn breakfast. If he doesn't eat it, which is pretty unlikely, it's up to him.

9.45am get phone call. Sooner I can get there, sooner they can get DS home. What about 8year old DD? No, sorry, can't help you out. Thanks once again to her Aunty for helping out :) Arrive 10.15am. Told will be dealt with shortly. 11.40 ask again when am I going to get to see my son, as he has been in a cell for approx 14 hours. Finally see him 11.50am. Explains what happens. Obviously has not done anything wrong, and not impressed. Interview around 1pm. Even then DS makes me smile. Detective 'could you describe the physique of the accuser?' DS 'Not very good'! I could see even the detectives trying not to smile at that one.Many more one liners. At the end of the interview I request to know what my son has been charged with as I still hadn't been informed. and we go back to cell. Oh, still has clothes on, so no need after all to take them, what a surprise. 2.15 - ish, advise charges have been dropped and we can go!

So, my son can be assaulted and nothing happens, but some drunk accuses him of nicking his beer and my son has been arrested. WTF? And did it really have to take 15.5 hours and an overnight stay? He's not exactly a menace to society. We could have brought him back on Saturday? And not letting us speak to him as requested as his Appropriate Adult as set out in PACE? And not telling us why he was being detained, as set out in PACE? Oh, and not being offered lunch? And this on the day the prisons released 1200 prisoners early? And not being offered guidance notes for the Appropriate Adult as set out in PACE? And not being present when he was read his rights? And not being present when his DNA and photograph were taken? Yes, that's right, both set out in PACE.

Am I letting this go? I think not.


  1. OMG Suzanne you must be beside yourself hun, how can they justify keeping a 15 year overnight, bless him he must of been petrified. I cannot believe the stupidity of them. You should definitley take this further, its awful that they can do this to a minor and the way they treated you is appalling.

    Sending huge hugs hun

    MJ xx


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