Saturday, June 09, 2007
What to say? Since I last blogged I've had a birthday. It was a Saturday and it wasn't my Saturday to work and DH was also off. Great, or so I thought. Breakfast in bed, lazy day sitting in the garden. Reality. Have to be at the football pitch for 8.30, so breakfast in bed is out. Raining for England, so sitting in the sun is out. Get called into work so day off is out. And we end the day with the kids out, and DH falling asleep in front of the telly. But got some lovely pressies :)

Been to the pics and saw Wedding Daze with a couple of friends - easy viewing chick flick :) Been to the school to 'chat' to the Headteacher. Been to see the Bank Manager about the business.

And the rest of the time? Do I write about how the kids are driving me to distraction. Nope, that would be too long an epic!


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