Thursday, July 26, 2007
So life is bloody hard at the moment so I'm not even going there.

Instead I'm gonna send tons of love to Joy to treating me to the cinema tonight. Firstly, busy, not used to that, we usually go and can sit in any seat. But I suppose Shrek 3 and HP and the Simpsons movie premiere and the fact that it's the school hols and it's too wet to do anything else meant that the world and his dog decided to go to the cinema last night. Left DD with the boys again with DS1's assurance he'd not leave her side. Yeah right, and I was born yesterday. The first time she was up with DS2 and he was in bed asleep. Second time she was with DS3 and he was chatting with his mates. So third time lucky. Apparently cinema screen was really grubby - the staff had to actually do some work which they're obviously not used to as it caused film to start half hour late. And the film? Hairspray! What to say? One of the best films I have seen in a long time, just an all-round feel good musical with an underlying moral storyline - and John Travolta in drag, what's not to love!
Thursday, July 19, 2007
Morning :)

Firstly BIG {{{hugs}}} Niki xx

Absolutely exhausted! Thursday lunchtime was spent with a dear friend - sneaked out of work for a bit :) but only as far as a nearby coffee place in case I was needed. But it felt really nice!Went into sale Monday, so spent last Friday and Saturday preparing the shop. But it's been worth it, quite a good month so far, let's hope it lasts. Sunday can't remember - must have been good - not! Monday little brother and his family over from France for a few days. DS1 had his informal interview at the station. Could I bring DD? Not really, so niece kindly offers to stay at the house a bit longer. Don't know what I'd do without my family and friends. General consensus was I thought he was a fair copper, and she thought he was fit. And I didn't even notice, I must still be truly in love, or just getting too old to care! So now if lads play silly sods with apples and one goes over a fence and accidently hits someone that they couldn't see, it's a rasict common assault. Tuesday little bruv and family come over, so much easier now the kids are older and DS1 saw his psycho dr. Wednesday DH and I went round a friends. She and me chatted and scrapped. DH's chatted and drank. Sounds fair! Kept phoning home. Just to check boys were doing a good job of looking after DD. Dentist for 4 on Thursday and only 1 small filling between them. Not bad. DD's teeth actually don't count, they are shot to pieces cos of this floating harbor syndrome. Think she'll end up with dentures! Entered a little scrappy competition. Don't expect to get anywhere, but at least it made me do a few more LO's. And today is the deadline for a response from Pontins. Oh, and got an apology from the police about the lack of follow-up on DS's assault.
Thursday, July 12, 2007
Can't believe it's 10 days since I blogged! Busy as ever. So what's been happening?

DS1 has had another police visit - waiting for the outcome for that one. Interesting fact though, both when DS2 had the escapade with the washing-up liquid and the fountain :) and this recent event, both boys, once given their name were asked if ****** was their dad. Now far be it from me to put 2 and 2 together, but what difference does it matter who their dad is? As it happens the gentleman in question is not their dad, but is related. So obviously in the eyes of the local police my boys must be guilty because they are related to their uncle. The fact that DH has never so much as received a parking fine is irrelevant. But, despite that DS1 has turned a corner and has been much calmer, more polite, and generally 'all round good guy' . He's even agreed to go back on his ritalin for year 11 as he appreciates what an important year it is.

DS2, no change, still working out and not asking the girl out! Went to his first live gig and loved it. Mates of his at school have a band and apparently they are 'well good'. He is very much into his music, and his favs range from MCR to Elvis. Sounds just like me.

DS3, well, bless, what can you say!

DD won a running race at school! YAY! was the first thought. The second was, b****r, that's not going to go in her favour with the disability allowance. Then put it into context. She beat other SN kids who also run about 10 steps before falling over, she just got up quicker! So not worried just yet! She received a certificate for which she was very proud, until she cottoned on that every single child got one!

Been working hard. Buying season. Going into sale Monday, so non-stop, 6 days this week. Not impressed. Finances are a bit of a nightmare still, so been shopping around for loan.....
We can offer you £18,500. Okay, that could help. Repayments are £247 a month. Okay, sounds reasonable. Over 27 years. Sorry, how long? Must have misheard! Over 27 years. Calculator out. So that's repaying £80,000. Thanks, for some reason can't see DH going for that!

Sunday we were all going out. The usual, do I have to, it's boring, rubbish from the older boys. We're all going out, deal with it. Once a year the adoption society have a family fun day. The inference boys on family. So, leave only 10 mins late and 1 small fracas over who sits where in the car. Met good friends of ours there who also adopted their youngest who is a fab little lad, and who happens to be my Godson, so of course I'm not biased! Swimming, cricket, cakes, football, ice-cream, and most amazingly, sun!

Oh, and I'm almost too embarassed to admit this, but I've got hooked on Big Brother. I know, I'm hanging my head in shame!