Thursday, July 26, 2007
So life is bloody hard at the moment so I'm not even going there.

Instead I'm gonna send tons of love to Joy to treating me to the cinema tonight. Firstly, busy, not used to that, we usually go and can sit in any seat. But I suppose Shrek 3 and HP and the Simpsons movie premiere and the fact that it's the school hols and it's too wet to do anything else meant that the world and his dog decided to go to the cinema last night. Left DD with the boys again with DS1's assurance he'd not leave her side. Yeah right, and I was born yesterday. The first time she was up with DS2 and he was in bed asleep. Second time she was with DS3 and he was chatting with his mates. So third time lucky. Apparently cinema screen was really grubby - the staff had to actually do some work which they're obviously not used to as it caused film to start half hour late. And the film? Hairspray! What to say? One of the best films I have seen in a long time, just an all-round feel good musical with an underlying moral storyline - and John Travolta in drag, what's not to love!


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