Friday, August 10, 2007
So two days into enforced vacation - oops, Americanism - holiday. What have I got to show for it? Not a lot. DH has been working his n**s off. Tame word compared to the one offered! We have a newly painted front door, mail box and garage door. Lawn mowed. Things repaired. Etc. Etc. Etc. Me? I've worked out how to put my photo on the user profile here, so round of applause for me. In a whispered voice, kids have been good. Waiting to hear from police about lunatic. Got a letter from Victim Support though as I am worried about DS. He should be reacting more. Oh, did cut DD's hair. Least said about that the better. Decided to throw a tantrum half way through - her, not me. Just as well she's not back a school for a few weeks.

Earlier in the year I did an online class called Choosing Joy with Kolette Hall and I decided it was about time I got it out to remind me of how great my life is. Here it is, minus the private notes at the back :)

Wednesday, August 08, 2007
You know that age old expression 'God only gives you as much as he can trust you with...I just wish he didn't trust me quite so much.' Now say it in my 'fed-up' voice, not my 'no matter what sh*t life throws at me I am still smiling'.

Now rewind to 6.30pm last night. DS3 is out playing with his mate, J. They've been friends since babies. Phone and ask if they could bring him home slightly later than planned as we've nipped out. No Problem. 6.40 J's grandparents ring and DS can stay over. Sounds great, 1 less for DH to worry about while I'm out. The following has been recounted by J's mum and my DS.

7pm. They're playing in a nearby park. Both boys are just 12 - J is average and DS is a titch - he could easily be mistaken for a primary school kid. Back to the park. Walking in the park minding their own. 3 lads, 17ish come up and get rough with them. DS tries to pull away but apparently is frozen with fear. J struggles more and so they tell him to pee in the pool. or they'll kill him if he doesn't. Of course he does, who wouldn't. These lads then wander off. You'd think that bad enough? Yep, but there's more. The reason the yobs scarpered smartish? Oh that would be because they saw a fella approaching. Sees what he thinks are 5 boys peeing in the pool and explodes with rage. He doesn't give the 2 boys a chance to explain,just ranting and chasing J. Fella punches J and follows on with grabbing J by the neck. J escapes and tries to get his bike. Man throws it on the floor, then stamps on it. Picks it up and chucks it in a garage he unlocks. During this time boys run off. Phone J's mum. She calls police.Boys get home (only takes 5 mins when running scared sh*tless). Police already there. Two more pandas sent out. Boys seriously upset. Hardly surprising. Police take boys tops in the hope they've left some DNA. Take boys back to scene of crime in police car with blues and twos. That cheered them up a bit. Apparently police were really good with them. They will have to give a video statement as they are both so young.

Have heard that the 'gentleman' is in custody and to make an unbeliveable situation worse? Rumour has it said gentleman is employed by the council to look after the park where 100's of children play every week.

Seriously, what is this town coming too?
Morning :) School holidays? Love or hate? Nope, can't make up my mind either. As the kids are older they can amuse themselves, but getting them in at the end of the day? Blooming nightmare. DD's loving her holiday club. She's been a bit poorly, but well again now. DH started his 2 weeks annual leave today, so he's nice and chilled. Not going far, just cheap day trips and some work around the house and garden. Monday am had a cuppa with Lydia at work :) Yesterday lunchtime DH and I went out for a pub lunch, just the 2 of us! Did wonder if we'd have anything to say to each other it's been so long since just the 2 of us have been out. But it was actually lovely :) Last night went to MJ's crop, had a CJ to start and finish, and if I say so myself, was really pleased with the end result. Not MJ's taste - bit too grungy for her liking! And the person it belonged to was there, so lots of fervent walks around the crop hall and hiding stuff. Not to mention the Sizzlits tower I built to hide everything! Not my fault though, hey Anna?

Watch this space, hopefully over the next few weeks I am planning to upload some of my LO's :)
Friday, August 03, 2007
Ok, after moaning yesterday about Scottish Power, all kudos to them for sorting it out straight away. Agreed we had had 2 previous phone convos and that they'll refund the £70 charges as it was their error. Doesn't alter the fact that they reckon on past readings we're getting through nearly £1200 worth of electric a year!

That's all folks, just felt praise where praise is due :)
Wednesday, August 01, 2007
Another week flies by and it's August. Def need to slow this year down. So, what's been happening? DD is in a SN holiday club this week. Now she last went last summer for 2 weeks. So we pull up outside and she says "Zac will play with me" Confirmed with HC that there is a kid called Zac. She never ceases to amaze us. Can't spell the four letters in her name, or count to 10, but hey, can recall a child from a year ago. Go figure. Got selective memory that one! Didn't get through to that competition, but gonna post them here, cos I like them! Went to MJ's crop on Tuesday, thanks for taking me Anna. Most I've enjoyed it for ages, been stressed lately and feel like we're coming through it. Felt more like me. What else? Still busy at work, just need it to stay busy, not have the usual August slump. We're nearly there with the transactional website which will hopefully be a positive move. And we've put our name down for an allotment. OMG are we getting middle aged or what! But with my dad growing up on a farm, and loving the outdoors, we wanted the boys to get into it a bit more. Plus it'll save us a fortune on the amount of food they get through. Working on chickens now! Funnily enough, DH hasn't been quite so receptive to that.

And I have got to moan about fecking incompetance.Pontins. No letter yet. Well past their time limit. Oh so sorry madam, will ensure Camber Sands deal with it straight away. Hello, I wrote to you 2 months ago, how much further from straight away can you get. MBNA. Grrr. Monday. I'm gonna be a few days late paying this month. No problem ma'am I'll make a note of our convo. Wednesday. Hello, this is MBNA. Your payment is late. After a 2 min rant on the phone, don't think he'll ring again too soon. Scottish Power. 2 months ago. We've underestimated your gas and electricity usage and going to have to increase the monthly DD. Ok. From £45 to £163. I don't think so. Agree on £113. Surprise, surprise £163 gets attempted and bank boing it back. £35 charge. Phone and moan. Many apologies, will ensure we sort it. And this morning, yep, another £163 boinging around our account. So will be contacting them to credit us for the charges. But FFS why is everything sooooo difficult.