Wednesday, August 01, 2007
Another week flies by and it's August. Def need to slow this year down. So, what's been happening? DD is in a SN holiday club this week. Now she last went last summer for 2 weeks. So we pull up outside and she says "Zac will play with me" Confirmed with HC that there is a kid called Zac. She never ceases to amaze us. Can't spell the four letters in her name, or count to 10, but hey, can recall a child from a year ago. Go figure. Got selective memory that one! Didn't get through to that competition, but gonna post them here, cos I like them! Went to MJ's crop on Tuesday, thanks for taking me Anna. Most I've enjoyed it for ages, been stressed lately and feel like we're coming through it. Felt more like me. What else? Still busy at work, just need it to stay busy, not have the usual August slump. We're nearly there with the transactional website which will hopefully be a positive move. And we've put our name down for an allotment. OMG are we getting middle aged or what! But with my dad growing up on a farm, and loving the outdoors, we wanted the boys to get into it a bit more. Plus it'll save us a fortune on the amount of food they get through. Working on chickens now! Funnily enough, DH hasn't been quite so receptive to that.

And I have got to moan about fecking incompetance.Pontins. No letter yet. Well past their time limit. Oh so sorry madam, will ensure Camber Sands deal with it straight away. Hello, I wrote to you 2 months ago, how much further from straight away can you get. MBNA. Grrr. Monday. I'm gonna be a few days late paying this month. No problem ma'am I'll make a note of our convo. Wednesday. Hello, this is MBNA. Your payment is late. After a 2 min rant on the phone, don't think he'll ring again too soon. Scottish Power. 2 months ago. We've underestimated your gas and electricity usage and going to have to increase the monthly DD. Ok. From £45 to £163. I don't think so. Agree on £113. Surprise, surprise £163 gets attempted and bank boing it back. £35 charge. Phone and moan. Many apologies, will ensure we sort it. And this morning, yep, another £163 boinging around our account. So will be contacting them to credit us for the charges. But FFS why is everything sooooo difficult.


  1. oh hun, sorry to hear you are having such a bad time, saving a big hug for you next Tuesday, wish I had known this Tuesday and you could of had it then.

    Don't forget to send me your fabulous LO's they must of been blind way better than anyone they picked.

    MJ xx


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