Wednesday, August 08, 2007
Morning :) School holidays? Love or hate? Nope, can't make up my mind either. As the kids are older they can amuse themselves, but getting them in at the end of the day? Blooming nightmare. DD's loving her holiday club. She's been a bit poorly, but well again now. DH started his 2 weeks annual leave today, so he's nice and chilled. Not going far, just cheap day trips and some work around the house and garden. Monday am had a cuppa with Lydia at work :) Yesterday lunchtime DH and I went out for a pub lunch, just the 2 of us! Did wonder if we'd have anything to say to each other it's been so long since just the 2 of us have been out. But it was actually lovely :) Last night went to MJ's crop, had a CJ to start and finish, and if I say so myself, was really pleased with the end result. Not MJ's taste - bit too grungy for her liking! And the person it belonged to was there, so lots of fervent walks around the crop hall and hiding stuff. Not to mention the Sizzlits tower I built to hide everything! Not my fault though, hey Anna?

Watch this space, hopefully over the next few weeks I am planning to upload some of my LO's :)


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