Wednesday, September 26, 2007
Another morning. Another morning chasing the kids. Another morning chasing the kids and clearing up. Another morning chasing the kids, clearing up, and running round like a headless chicken. Nothing changes, might as well just go with the flow.

What to blog? Oh, apologies (in best ap-ol-o-gies Blackadder voice) to Lou, if it's not in the diary it doesn't end up on the blog. But, had a lovely morning when Lou, Mark and her boys popped in on their way to their hols :) Forgiven? Bovvered much? *insert laughing smilie here* Been to Liz's scrapping, thank Heavens, otherwise would have got nothing accomplished this month. And to lunch with Niki :) And to cinema with Joy - Knocked Up - the film not Joy! And had the girls round to pick activities for Center Parcs. Organising another Pad trip to Debden :)

And moans? Got to be school. DS1 has been diagnosed ADHD since he was 6. Found out that he's on the SEN register as ...Dyslexic. This is the third time this has happened since he's been there. Really not impressed and intend to let them know.

22.45 18.09.07 Bed after sorting out car, passports, money, shopping list, insurance, ferry, and God only knows what else - it's only a day trip. 1.45am crawl out of bed make DH cuppa. Off he goes. Picks up SIL. 4.30am ferry. Drive to Amsterdam - not a 5 min hike - to a fashion centre that, according to it's website, has over 30 kids stores. So, slight exaggeration..3. Don't think DH and SIL were over impressed. And of those 3? Successful, not. In fact complete waste of time. Just as well Calais offers cheap booze. Arrives home 11.55pm. Think I owe him BIG time!

Saturday, September 15, 2007
Busy few days. Tell me something new! Went out Wednesday morning to Starbucks with Jo and Lydia. Was lovely to spend a few hours chatting and catching up. Don't get enough chances to sit and watch the world go by. Have finally heard from Pontins, they've offered us a free weekend break. The voucher arrived 13th Sept and expires 31st Oct, and DH only gets 1 weekend off in 3! So looks like we'll be getting a much needed break :) Dear God, how much more boring is my life going to get, can't think of anything else exciting that's happened. So it must feel busy cos of all the mundane stuff, now that's just sad.

Other news in brief - DS1 school footy match win; DS3 team footy match win; DS2 still has his ban! CID have interviewed the 'gentleman' and now we wait again. DS3 received a 'Well Done' postcard from school :) And that's their lives atm - looks like it's a bit quiet all around in our household atm!
Sunday, September 09, 2007
And life returns to normal. Get up. Get 4 kids off to school with the stuff they need - yeah right. Wash up. Hoover. Surf. Go to work. And then? Come home. Chivvy kids to do homework, football training, etc. Feed them. Fight with them at bedtime. Collapse. Alarm goes off and here we go again. That hour between kids going to school and going to work - should be a legal requirement that all working mums are entitled to. Plus side, shop seems to have picked up. Hope it lasts. And a trip to the dentist, a football match and a wedding just about means I've already forgotton the chilled weeks off.

Speaking of the wedding. Get up. 9am leave and drive all 6 of us 3 hours to Warrington. Attend a wedding for 1.5 hours; don't get a photo of the family with the bride; get asked not to sing the hymns by DS2 cos it's embarassing; don't get introduced to the groom; can't stay for the reception - adults only; then drive another 3 hours back home. DH misses the England match. Would go and score 3 goals when he's not watching. Not going to live that down for a while. But lovely to see our friend get married so worth the trip.

And that's that.
Monday, September 03, 2007
What a bad blogger! Face, bovvered? Been stressing about finances so blog takes a way back seat. So what's new? Been to see Hairspray again, this time with Anna, MJ and Maria . So the last time I saw a film more than once when it was first released was Grease a, ahem, few years ago. How sad am I. But it was a fun evening - and Anna does not know how to behave in a cinema, a woman after my own heart! DD's arm is still in a sling, but it doesn't seem to be stopping her doing much, unless she wants it to. Did the deed - school uniform shopping for 4! Not the most fun, but at least we got it all done in one morning. DS1 was on form, which at least made the shopping more interesting. Still not heard anything from Pontins. Strangely 2 copies of replies they sent me haven't appeared. One last chance.... Went to the Heart Hospital this afternoon to see my scrapping buddy Jo. WOW! What a hospital. Apparently used to be a BUPA hospital in a previous life. Def something all NHS hospitals could aspire to. Gentle healing (((hugs))) Jo :) Had a drink or 3 at Julies :) Didn't get to Jeanettes :( Had a get together with Liz :)

And as for the incident with DS3 and J. It is getting more complicated. I am keeping detailed notes because the boys have been let down by the Park Warden, the Police, the Council and the local papers. We even had a phone call from the C.I. of our local police station last week. Last night a policeman came and took a statement from DS. Took 3 hours. But listening to what he went through it just reiterated we are right to push for a conviction.
This is an album I did at an all day crop with Emily Falconbridge, organised by Kirsty Wiseman .We were given the basic idea and then left to our own devices - I absolutely love it. Not too sickly, so no worries of blushing/ vomiting/insert another apt adjective here. The words are from the song 'My Love'.