Sunday, September 09, 2007
And life returns to normal. Get up. Get 4 kids off to school with the stuff they need - yeah right. Wash up. Hoover. Surf. Go to work. And then? Come home. Chivvy kids to do homework, football training, etc. Feed them. Fight with them at bedtime. Collapse. Alarm goes off and here we go again. That hour between kids going to school and going to work - should be a legal requirement that all working mums are entitled to. Plus side, shop seems to have picked up. Hope it lasts. And a trip to the dentist, a football match and a wedding just about means I've already forgotton the chilled weeks off.

Speaking of the wedding. Get up. 9am leave and drive all 6 of us 3 hours to Warrington. Attend a wedding for 1.5 hours; don't get a photo of the family with the bride; get asked not to sing the hymns by DS2 cos it's embarassing; don't get introduced to the groom; can't stay for the reception - adults only; then drive another 3 hours back home. DH misses the England match. Would go and score 3 goals when he's not watching. Not going to live that down for a while. But lovely to see our friend get married so worth the trip.

And that's that.


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