Wednesday, September 26, 2007
Another morning. Another morning chasing the kids. Another morning chasing the kids and clearing up. Another morning chasing the kids, clearing up, and running round like a headless chicken. Nothing changes, might as well just go with the flow.

What to blog? Oh, apologies (in best ap-ol-o-gies Blackadder voice) to Lou, if it's not in the diary it doesn't end up on the blog. But, had a lovely morning when Lou, Mark and her boys popped in on their way to their hols :) Forgiven? Bovvered much? *insert laughing smilie here* Been to Liz's scrapping, thank Heavens, otherwise would have got nothing accomplished this month. And to lunch with Niki :) And to cinema with Joy - Knocked Up - the film not Joy! And had the girls round to pick activities for Center Parcs. Organising another Pad trip to Debden :)

And moans? Got to be school. DS1 has been diagnosed ADHD since he was 6. Found out that he's on the SEN register as ...Dyslexic. This is the third time this has happened since he's been there. Really not impressed and intend to let them know.

22.45 18.09.07 Bed after sorting out car, passports, money, shopping list, insurance, ferry, and God only knows what else - it's only a day trip. 1.45am crawl out of bed make DH cuppa. Off he goes. Picks up SIL. 4.30am ferry. Drive to Amsterdam - not a 5 min hike - to a fashion centre that, according to it's website, has over 30 kids stores. So, slight exaggeration..3. Don't think DH and SIL were over impressed. And of those 3? Successful, not. In fact complete waste of time. Just as well Calais offers cheap booze. Arrives home 11.55pm. Think I owe him BIG time!



  1. Hi Suzzane and everyone, just been reading your blogs, its fun and i love the family photo on the bench...It very modern artty photo!! Cool ;p Sounds like fun going to Amsterdam!! ;-) Hope you are all well xxx

  2. OOPs, that comment was from me Mark, not Lou... hehehehe


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