Saturday, September 15, 2007
Busy few days. Tell me something new! Went out Wednesday morning to Starbucks with Jo and Lydia. Was lovely to spend a few hours chatting and catching up. Don't get enough chances to sit and watch the world go by. Have finally heard from Pontins, they've offered us a free weekend break. The voucher arrived 13th Sept and expires 31st Oct, and DH only gets 1 weekend off in 3! So looks like we'll be getting a much needed break :) Dear God, how much more boring is my life going to get, can't think of anything else exciting that's happened. So it must feel busy cos of all the mundane stuff, now that's just sad.

Other news in brief - DS1 school footy match win; DS3 team footy match win; DS2 still has his ban! CID have interviewed the 'gentleman' and now we wait again. DS3 received a 'Well Done' postcard from school :) And that's their lives atm - looks like it's a bit quiet all around in our household atm!


  1. hey suzanne
    a quiet time - but that's good isn't it?
    pfff - there's no pleasing some people!!!!


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