Monday, September 03, 2007
What a bad blogger! Face, bovvered? Been stressing about finances so blog takes a way back seat. So what's new? Been to see Hairspray again, this time with Anna, MJ and Maria . So the last time I saw a film more than once when it was first released was Grease a, ahem, few years ago. How sad am I. But it was a fun evening - and Anna does not know how to behave in a cinema, a woman after my own heart! DD's arm is still in a sling, but it doesn't seem to be stopping her doing much, unless she wants it to. Did the deed - school uniform shopping for 4! Not the most fun, but at least we got it all done in one morning. DS1 was on form, which at least made the shopping more interesting. Still not heard anything from Pontins. Strangely 2 copies of replies they sent me haven't appeared. One last chance.... Went to the Heart Hospital this afternoon to see my scrapping buddy Jo. WOW! What a hospital. Apparently used to be a BUPA hospital in a previous life. Def something all NHS hospitals could aspire to. Gentle healing (((hugs))) Jo :) Had a drink or 3 at Julies :) Didn't get to Jeanettes :( Had a get together with Liz :)

And as for the incident with DS3 and J. It is getting more complicated. I am keeping detailed notes because the boys have been let down by the Park Warden, the Police, the Council and the local papers. We even had a phone call from the C.I. of our local police station last week. Last night a policeman came and took a statement from DS. Took 3 hours. But listening to what he went through it just reiterated we are right to push for a conviction.
This is an album I did at an all day crop with Emily Falconbridge, organised by Kirsty Wiseman .We were given the basic idea and then left to our own devices - I absolutely love it. Not too sickly, so no worries of blushing/ vomiting/insert another apt adjective here. The words are from the song 'My Love'.


  1. oh suzanne, its beautiful and you used the pictures I took of you.... its so nice to see them being used this way.
    I reemeber that day, it was lovely xx
    Hope Ella and the boys are well. Hope you are well too xx

  2. ahem..... i notice you forgot to mention the highlight of the week (me visiting!)
    hee hee
    check out my facebook for pics of my holiday - i will email you the link seperately, as i cant find it at the mo!
    love you xxx


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