Monday, October 15, 2007
Jeff, the dashboard on the car is aglow. Smart alec checks electrics with diagnostic tester thingy. Nothing wrong, no idea why it's doing that.

Jeff, the laptops crashed. Smart alec checks that too. Will have to wipe the hard drive, blah! blah! waffle! (I don't do computer speak). What did you do to it? I hear that bit. Nothing, why blame me?

Jeff, my phone charger won't work. Hero comes to the rescue again.

Jeff (this time by text cos I'm such a woss) I think I've fried the hoover. Step away from everything electrical and go discharge yourself! So I can't use the washing machine? :) Result. Don't fret, I'll get you a washboard!

Better go in case I break blogger!
Friday, October 12, 2007
A quickie.

Woman : Hello Pontins Customer Service
Me : Oh hi....blah....blah....who I am, etc. Thank you for the voucher, but there's no way we can fit a weekend away in before the end of October. Could it be extended?
Woman : You can't get a weekend break before Oct 08?
Me : No, the voucher states 07.
woman : Oh I am sorry. I meant to put 08.


Me : Er.... actually you did....... *insert very embarassed smilie here*
Thursday, October 11, 2007
Will I ever be more organised with this malarky? Probably not. So, will give a brief outline of life in the household. Work, school, bed, work, school, bed, college, work, school, bed. That do? New glasses and a new hairdo makes for a new me. New man? Now that is far too much trouble to even think about! No cracks about Joe 90, although the length (or lack of it) of my hair would make one wonder. Will try and hunt out a photo. What else? DD had what sounds like a fit at school, although doc did make me laugh when he suggested that maybe she put it on. Yeah right, that is so likely to happen. DS1 lasted 2 days at his work experience. Least said the better. DS has had his first exclusion. Yes, 'first' does seem appropriate, cos I'm pretty sure it wont be his last. DS2 is doing really well. Yay, one out of 4, who said I'm not a good mum. Must be doing something right. Some big blogs coming up (sounds truly gross) so for now.......

That's all folks!