Saturday, November 10, 2007
One of those weeks. Tuesday MJ's crop. Didn't end up going. Thursday, out with Joy, didn't end up going. Dad and step-mum were supposed to be coming up last night, and couldn't. Today, Beths crop, yep, didn't end up going! Def one of those weeks. But DS3 played footy for the school team and they won, and today he recieved a 'Well Done' card from the school; DS2 played footy for his team today and they won. DS1 and DD have had a pretty calm week. Also, almost embarassed to admit, made Christmas gifts for DD's teachers! Because it's a special school there's more adults per child, which is great, until Christmas!! Picture below. Take away boxes covered, little tags made, and filled with sweeties. And I wrote my Christmas cards! Well, got to do something to pass the time while I'm stuck at home and DH is on late shift!

About to print photos for 31 days of October I did with Melodee Langworthy at Scrap-a-Ganza and have signed up for her 31 days of December. And this year really hope to finish Shimelle's Journal Your Christmas. Maybe I can work out how to upload an album and show off what I've done so far, although not all of them, cos I'm sure I'd change at least a few!


  1. Great to "meet" you online! :D I look forward to "seeing" you during Shimelle's class ... and beyond! :D


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