Sunday, November 04, 2007
Oops! Not sure I'm cut out for this blogging lark. Anyhow, will report on girly weekend once I can get a few photos, but positively not attaching a link to Joy and me singing on Singstar. Still trying to get to see Chief Inspector, but couldn't come at a worse time for Dawn with new jobs and holidays. But I have prepared him a nice lot of paperwork and complaints which he should get this weekend. Watch this space.

Had a lovely evening at Lydias with Jo; another with Liz; and a crop at MJ's. So lots of scrapping, but no cinema, drinks or anything else. So not a lot going on, which suits me fine.

Parents evening. Better go together, not sure I can do this on my own. Two and a half hours later with the usual - needs to stop being disruptive - not doing his homework - class clown - excelling in some areas - not achieving what he is capable of. Which one are we talking about? All bloody 3!

DS1 hit 16. OMG I am not mentally ready to accept I have a 16yo. Can I have a party was the topic of conversation for a depressing number of weeks. Me yes. DH no. And so on. And so forth. Eventually agreed he could take 7 mates to an indian restaurant, but that I would pay over the phone. Off they go. Indian phone to confirm payment arrangements. Several hours later indian phone back. "Oh hello, this is Passage to India" "Hi" in a very anxious-I've-let-8-16-year-olds-loose-on-society voice. "About your son". Pregant pause. "The bill is £79.80 and the whole group behaved really well". Double whammy. Not only did they not abuse my debit card, but they made me proud. 16 years of nagging has paid off.

Mum offered to take DS3 to France over half-term to see his cousin, my brother et al. By all accounts he had a lovely week, even more so because he missed school for 3 days!

Shop continues to tick over, had on the whole our best year to date, but still some less than profitable months. But the internet shop should be up and running and already has a link from the shoppy-shop. Please check it out and let me know if you spot any glitches.

Enough for now.
Laterz xx


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