Tuesday, November 06, 2007
Picture the scene. At the dinner table. Family meal, so important family meals, at least 4-5 each week. Getting 3 teenagers and a shift worker tog isn't the easiest, but I manage it. Must be the italian matriarchal impulses in me. And don't forget DD has moderate special needs. Right. DH "Els, you will be good on the school bus in the morning?" "No, daddy, I don't think so!" "Why not" in a cross daddy voice. "I really can't be arsed!" Five faces then turn away from the table so she can't see them laughing, but she knows. I think this is set to be her new favourite phrase! And I have absolutely no idea where she got that phrase from. Honestly. Wanders off whistling innocently!

The aeresole - would like to use stronger - of a Park Warden who assaulted the boys has only gone back to the papers this week and would like another article on the stress HIS family have been under. What a !"£"!%$^%^ "£$£%£$ His behaviour throughout all of this just beggars belief.

Fireworks have been lubberly. I know they're not good for the environment, and pets don't like them, yada, yada, yada. But they are just so beautiful and make me feel all glowy inside :)

Did I mention I had my hair cut the other day? Big scarey decision! Haven't been able to get it to look this since the day the hairdresser did it :(

Before and After


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