Thursday, November 29, 2007
So, okay, where to begin? DS3 had a days exclusion for swearing at a teacher. No arguements from me. Then 1 month later he is accused of doing it again. He vehemently denied it, which is good enough for me. He put his hands up straight away last time, as did DS1 - that's a whole other story! - so if he said he didn't, I believe him. Admitted to telling teacher to 'bog off''. Had a row with the school and told them to do what they wanted, they wouldn't be getting my support on this occasion. They backed down and just gave him a detention :) Now onto the issue with DS1. Child 1 brings a fire-cracker to school. Child 3 brings a lighter. DS1 being his most stupid, plays with the lighter and child 1 lights the fire-cracker. Now, DS1 and child 3 get 2 days exclusion, fair enough, stupid high-jinks, no more. However, get this, as child 1 has never been in trouble before, he's excused an exclusion! WTF? He's the one who brought the explosive device into school in the first place.

Had my bookkeeping exam yesterday, think I passed. Got 88% in the mock. That needs recording for posterity, never had a mark like that in my life.

Attended a community meeting last night at the local police station. All the people that had written in and complained about the park warden's treatment were invited to attend. Stressed? Absolutely. Inspector advised against staying, but I did. Can't believe I did, would have been much easier to walk. Anyhow, 1.5 hours later, much less stressed and glad I stayed. So was the Inspector. Still have many unresolved issues, but it's a start.

And don't get me started on the man who came into the shop at the beginning of the week and proceeded to take off his coat, his trousers and his pants. I'm still in denial.

On the pluses. Have been to Liz and Grahams; MJ's crop; Dawn came round, mucho alcohol :) ; Julies, not so much alcohol :( ; and MJ's for a 3 course meal, with the best china and everything - absobloodybeautiful.

The rumours about me being a Page 3 Girl? Try here


  1. Hi, I thought I'd leave a note and support a fellow Just need it board gal. I love your shop, by the way. Congrats on being a Page 3 girl. That halloween altered box was fabulous!


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