Sunday, December 30, 2007
Have I got over the heart-wrenching, soul-destroying knowledge that my work wasn't good enough? Well, yeah, thanks to Latharia (aka Suzanne, yep another one!) :) I love what I did, and someone else does, so it's their loss, not mine! Will I enter another competition? Probably not. Got enough crap goin on atm without being rejected futher.

In brief since I last posted, DS1 managed to get another days exclusion - seriously, do the kids think I don't have enough to keep me busy. DS2 is 15 today - OMG 15 years ago since I went into labour cleaning. Not as much fun as a curry or sex, but just as effective. FYI if you're interested. DS3 is much the same. DD has found the Christmas holidays hard work, I think the lack of routine and the hype screws her around :( DH has worked/is working from Christmas Day to New Years Eve. And me? well obviously I've been the one running around like a headless chicken sorting out cards, presents, Christmas shopping, Christmas dinner, oh yeah, and work.

Christmas was lovely, went to Mass Christmas Eve 9pm. Christmas morning DH went to work, but not for too long. Mum came over for Christmas lunch, which if I say so myself, was bloody good :) Lovely pressies from everyone :)

A few photos of the last couple of weeks. This first one is of DD and her God-Mother on her birthday. Well. okay, a couple of days after, poetic licence!

So what makes you think DD is a poser? All I said was I wanted to take a photo of her in her new pyjamas......

Okay. Just to confirm, it's a co-incidence there's 3 of DD and none of the boys. Teenage boys are not the easiest to photo. Plus this one's a rare photo of me, even rarer I almost like it!

Last but not least, one of the tree. Don't look too closely. DS3 and DD decorated it. I have been itching to tidy it up, but have restrained so far :)

Friday, December 21, 2007

Just a quickie! Didn't get through to the competition I entered. I didn't really think I would, but it kept Anna and MJ quiet, so worth it just for that! Anyhow, these are the entries, and I love 'em, so who cares if someone else doesn't! :( Oh, and the baby boy card - had to make a card - I don't 'do' cards - was my first and took 3 hours, so just smile at it and pat me on the head :)

Sunday, December 16, 2007
24 Hours in My Life - well, ish. Saturday 15th 3.45am. Turn alarm off and say goodbye to DH as he's on an early shift. Back to sleep. 6.30 woken by DD, but that's a lay-in for her so no complaints. Make a good old English cuppa and start to tidy our bedroom. 7.30 stir DS2 and DS3 as they both have footy. 8.45 leave the house with DD, DS2 and DS3. Back home at 12.30 after dropping one off; dropping other off; back to first and watch his footy; back to other and watch his footy. Oh and did I mention how cold DD and I were? Sort out kids and car. Family coming round for a get together tonight. So get on with preparing 2 chillis (one veggie); jackets; salad; etc. etc. etc. Join the Galloping Gourmet and have a glass of red wine while I cook. Used to be my mums hero when I was little! Finally stop at 4pm. Change. 5.15 DSS and girlfriend turn up. Followed by another 16 members of the family. A few more turn up a bit later. Realise hadn't finished dressing DD and she's running around in tights! Food was okay. Made a huge chilli in the slo-cooker (6 litre one) and it all went, so must have been edible. Kids all decamp upstairs and we watch the X-Factor. DH and DD go to bed at 9.30 and leave us to it. He is on earlies so far dos. Everyone leaves about 10.30 after seeing Leon win. I had said at the start of the evening he would win, even though Rhydian was far more talented and entertaining. Only consolation is Leon will be another Gareth Gates. Gareth who? Exactly. DS1 phones at 12.15 to say he's staying at his mates. So I trundle off to bed. DD not well, not going to put you off your dinner, but let's just say she over-indulged and I had to get up at 12.30; 1.10; and 2.30am. Then DS2 wakes us at 3.15 to say that someone's in the back garden throwing stones at his window. DS1 and his mate have turned up. Will deal with that later. DH goes to work. I fall asleep at 4.30 am. DD wakes me up at 6.30am, and here we go again!
Friday, December 14, 2007
In town one of the big DIY shops is closing down. Popped in on the way home from work. 95% of what they have is tat. It was selling. You see I don't get that, just because it's in a sale doesn't make it a bargain, but it's like sale mentality. I've got to have it - eh, no you don't, it's a rip-off. But there you go, each to their own. Anyhow back to the shop. SIL and her DH are in there eyeing up an ex-display oven and hob. £600! They wont reduce the price, they'd rather trash it. Seriously. So her DH reckons he's going to hide behind the shop the night they close and do a bit of dumpster diving. Actually interesting point. The sign says they are going into recievership, so should they be allowed to turn down a reasonable offer of a sale? Not sure about that one. Bump into another sort-of-family-member. Not even attempting to try to explain DH's family tree. Back to the shopping. Door handles 80%+ off. Okay bear with me. There again, at this point all non-scrappers might as well switch off :) Some of the door handles are just like 7 Gypsies style, but with the reduction only 40p a knob, so treated myself to a few knobs. I know, I know, there has to be a good joke in there somewhere. Will look ab fab on altered journals. And my other purchase. Well actually 'a' purchase is a bit of an under-statement. Tester acrylic paint pots. 10p a pot. Again, seriously. So much as I would love some Jo Sonya paints, they can wait. I now have a lovely collection of paint that should keep me going for a while :)
Thursday, December 13, 2007
Sod this for a game of soldiers, am I ever going to get into a routine with this lark? Thought not. Oh well, one governor meeting; DH Christmas meal out with footy dads; Dad and Sandra down for Christmas lunch - good trial run; MJ evening crop; and meal out with the girls from work. That covers the uneventful stuff. Now onto more interesting.

The newspaper reporter who continued to print the inaccuracies about the incident with the Park Warden, even after I told him it involved an assault and minors, has been demoted. Karma :)

Went to MJ's first sleepover all night crop, and had to go home :( and then was no better the next night so couldn't go to a charity event I had tickets for :( On the upside, Lynn reckoned she needed to take out a second mortgage to pay for the drinks at the event.

DD had her Christmas Play yesterday, The Hopeless Camel, about a camel who can't find his way to Bethlehem. The whole of the Primary school was involved, even those children confined to wheelchairs. It was truly humbling to see the effort the staff had put in, and the enjoyment on all - well nearly all - the childrens faces. Got me all emotional - mind you, fricking hormones, most things do atm. When DD first came into the hall to sit she saw DH and me and that was it. She very casually made her way over to us and then refused to go back! She did though, thanks to the joint effort of teacher and DH. Her group were in Rio and she was dancing away with all her heart (as you know she loves dancing), and in between little jigs was blowing me kisses - bless :)

And we're up to date again. Have attached a Challenge LO did at MJ's. Challenge was had to use the patterned paper and have journalling. Was supposed to take 1.5 hours, yeah right! So this is the finished article. The other pictures are the front and back of the 31 Days of Christmas Album I mentioned earlier - it's looking good!