Sunday, December 16, 2007
24 Hours in My Life - well, ish. Saturday 15th 3.45am. Turn alarm off and say goodbye to DH as he's on an early shift. Back to sleep. 6.30 woken by DD, but that's a lay-in for her so no complaints. Make a good old English cuppa and start to tidy our bedroom. 7.30 stir DS2 and DS3 as they both have footy. 8.45 leave the house with DD, DS2 and DS3. Back home at 12.30 after dropping one off; dropping other off; back to first and watch his footy; back to other and watch his footy. Oh and did I mention how cold DD and I were? Sort out kids and car. Family coming round for a get together tonight. So get on with preparing 2 chillis (one veggie); jackets; salad; etc. etc. etc. Join the Galloping Gourmet and have a glass of red wine while I cook. Used to be my mums hero when I was little! Finally stop at 4pm. Change. 5.15 DSS and girlfriend turn up. Followed by another 16 members of the family. A few more turn up a bit later. Realise hadn't finished dressing DD and she's running around in tights! Food was okay. Made a huge chilli in the slo-cooker (6 litre one) and it all went, so must have been edible. Kids all decamp upstairs and we watch the X-Factor. DH and DD go to bed at 9.30 and leave us to it. He is on earlies so far dos. Everyone leaves about 10.30 after seeing Leon win. I had said at the start of the evening he would win, even though Rhydian was far more talented and entertaining. Only consolation is Leon will be another Gareth Gates. Gareth who? Exactly. DS1 phones at 12.15 to say he's staying at his mates. So I trundle off to bed. DD not well, not going to put you off your dinner, but let's just say she over-indulged and I had to get up at 12.30; 1.10; and 2.30am. Then DS2 wakes us at 3.15 to say that someone's in the back garden throwing stones at his window. DS1 and his mate have turned up. Will deal with that later. DH goes to work. I fall asleep at 4.30 am. DD wakes me up at 6.30am, and here we go again!


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