Sunday, December 30, 2007
Have I got over the heart-wrenching, soul-destroying knowledge that my work wasn't good enough? Well, yeah, thanks to Latharia (aka Suzanne, yep another one!) :) I love what I did, and someone else does, so it's their loss, not mine! Will I enter another competition? Probably not. Got enough crap goin on atm without being rejected futher.

In brief since I last posted, DS1 managed to get another days exclusion - seriously, do the kids think I don't have enough to keep me busy. DS2 is 15 today - OMG 15 years ago since I went into labour cleaning. Not as much fun as a curry or sex, but just as effective. FYI if you're interested. DS3 is much the same. DD has found the Christmas holidays hard work, I think the lack of routine and the hype screws her around :( DH has worked/is working from Christmas Day to New Years Eve. And me? well obviously I've been the one running around like a headless chicken sorting out cards, presents, Christmas shopping, Christmas dinner, oh yeah, and work.

Christmas was lovely, went to Mass Christmas Eve 9pm. Christmas morning DH went to work, but not for too long. Mum came over for Christmas lunch, which if I say so myself, was bloody good :) Lovely pressies from everyone :)

A few photos of the last couple of weeks. This first one is of DD and her God-Mother on her birthday. Well. okay, a couple of days after, poetic licence!

So what makes you think DD is a poser? All I said was I wanted to take a photo of her in her new pyjamas......

Okay. Just to confirm, it's a co-incidence there's 3 of DD and none of the boys. Teenage boys are not the easiest to photo. Plus this one's a rare photo of me, even rarer I almost like it!

Last but not least, one of the tree. Don't look too closely. DS3 and DD decorated it. I have been itching to tidy it up, but have restrained so far :)


  1. LOL tree looks great, love the Pj's and the photo of you is really good.


    Mj xx

  2. AMEN, sista! :) No point in having creativity become a gut-wrenching experience. I was on a DT for a while and you know what ... it turned out to be decidedly UN-FUN for me. Too much pressure, too much "gotta do" type stuff. Forget it! I quit & am a much happier human NOT having my work on review! As long as I am happy with it & I'm enjoying the process, it's a spectacular success, right? Keep on scrapping, Suzanne ... your work is just stellar! :D


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