Friday, December 14, 2007
In town one of the big DIY shops is closing down. Popped in on the way home from work. 95% of what they have is tat. It was selling. You see I don't get that, just because it's in a sale doesn't make it a bargain, but it's like sale mentality. I've got to have it - eh, no you don't, it's a rip-off. But there you go, each to their own. Anyhow back to the shop. SIL and her DH are in there eyeing up an ex-display oven and hob. £600! They wont reduce the price, they'd rather trash it. Seriously. So her DH reckons he's going to hide behind the shop the night they close and do a bit of dumpster diving. Actually interesting point. The sign says they are going into recievership, so should they be allowed to turn down a reasonable offer of a sale? Not sure about that one. Bump into another sort-of-family-member. Not even attempting to try to explain DH's family tree. Back to the shopping. Door handles 80%+ off. Okay bear with me. There again, at this point all non-scrappers might as well switch off :) Some of the door handles are just like 7 Gypsies style, but with the reduction only 40p a knob, so treated myself to a few knobs. I know, I know, there has to be a good joke in there somewhere. Will look ab fab on altered journals. And my other purchase. Well actually 'a' purchase is a bit of an under-statement. Tester acrylic paint pots. 10p a pot. Again, seriously. So much as I would love some Jo Sonya paints, they can wait. I now have a lovely collection of paint that should keep me going for a while :)


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