Thursday, December 13, 2007
Sod this for a game of soldiers, am I ever going to get into a routine with this lark? Thought not. Oh well, one governor meeting; DH Christmas meal out with footy dads; Dad and Sandra down for Christmas lunch - good trial run; MJ evening crop; and meal out with the girls from work. That covers the uneventful stuff. Now onto more interesting.

The newspaper reporter who continued to print the inaccuracies about the incident with the Park Warden, even after I told him it involved an assault and minors, has been demoted. Karma :)

Went to MJ's first sleepover all night crop, and had to go home :( and then was no better the next night so couldn't go to a charity event I had tickets for :( On the upside, Lynn reckoned she needed to take out a second mortgage to pay for the drinks at the event.

DD had her Christmas Play yesterday, The Hopeless Camel, about a camel who can't find his way to Bethlehem. The whole of the Primary school was involved, even those children confined to wheelchairs. It was truly humbling to see the effort the staff had put in, and the enjoyment on all - well nearly all - the childrens faces. Got me all emotional - mind you, fricking hormones, most things do atm. When DD first came into the hall to sit she saw DH and me and that was it. She very casually made her way over to us and then refused to go back! She did though, thanks to the joint effort of teacher and DH. Her group were in Rio and she was dancing away with all her heart (as you know she loves dancing), and in between little jigs was blowing me kisses - bless :)

And we're up to date again. Have attached a Challenge LO did at MJ's. Challenge was had to use the patterned paper and have journalling. Was supposed to take 1.5 hours, yeah right! So this is the finished article. The other pictures are the front and back of the 31 Days of Christmas Album I mentioned earlier - it's looking good!


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