Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I have had a lovely Christmas. Jeff has been off since 22nd and doesn't go back till 6th January, his first Christmas break in 5 years. We have been to Church; had family and friends over; eaten too much; drank too much; and had an altogether perfect holiday.

Other news includes -
Ella is now 10;
Josh is now 16;
Ella threw a paddy during her school nativity and refused to join in (whilst on the stage!) ;
I have completed my Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector course;
I am moving forward from the nightmare of the shop and all the legal stuff. Anybody hear me moaning about it feel free to give me a clip round the ear! :
We have just replaced the kitchen floor with good quality laminate flooring for a tenner - gotta love that man and his bargains! ;
Had a get together with Jeffs side of the family :) ;
Finally got to an all-day crop of MJ's - yay! :
Finished my quilt - and ok, it's not brilliant, loads of mistakes, but I love it :) :
Jeff christened the car after a night out with Jeanette, Pete, Sandra and Derek - and I don't mean in a good way! Josh was impressed, me less so ;
Ben's school report was fab, exceeded his expectations in nearly all his classes:
I have read ALL the Harry Potter books now :) I started The Deathly Hallows 4pm last Saturday and finished reading it at 5.10 Sunday morning! Jeff woke up at 4am, looked at me, said "You've got to be kidding me", rolled over and went back to sleep! LOL! :

And probably loads more, but it's New Years Eve and I want to go curl up with my quilt, some chocolate and a Baileys! OMG I've just read that back - what a difference to when I used to be at an all night party. Oh well, my excuse is I couldn't get a sitter. What do you mean? Of course I tried. Ahem.


Sunday, December 07, 2008
Two days running I hear? I know, I finally feel like I'm coming to the end of a horrible year - oh wait, that's because we are coming to the end of the year! Yesterday was a lazy day - candidate - Anna's for a cuppa and a catch up - market for a bit of shopping - and laying on the sofa catching up on the last 2 weeks of non-stop. Went to bed and started to read Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone. Not yet read the last one. So starting from the beginning and plan to read every night for a bit till I have! No spoilers please, I have actually never found out what happens in 7!

Anna had these cute Snowman soups gifts for her DS3's classmates. So I have openly copied the idea :) Work out at only about 70p each, and she's only one of 10 in her class, so do-able.

DS2 had some very sad news yesterday. His best mates dad died in a freak accident. How do you deal with that at 15? I can't get my head around it.

Now because of todays lazy day, today I have to get the decorations down from the loft - put them up - write Christmas cards - and tags - make the snowman soup - finish my portfolio - convert my video teaching assessment from VHS to DVD - finish my quilt now that I have enough material - update blog - plan Wedensdays lesson on The Positive Role Model - fix shower - sort out paperwork for 17th - write to Ella's birth father - oh, and Jeff's at work. Better get off here and get on with it.

Photo today is from Christmas 2003 when I could still persuade the kids to smile nicely for a photograph!

Saturday, December 06, 2008
Another busy week. "No, really?" I hear your sarcasm! Anyhow, both my teaching assessments went well. Phew! Could have been embarassing all round id they had decided I was c*ap after I've been teaching all term! The second one - for the PTLLS qualification - was recorded! I had to watch myself and reflect how I thought it went - and even if I say so myself, I thought it went well. Tutor even suggested I approach the college and offer to teach scrapbooking! Course finishes 11th December and that's the day the completed portfolio has to be in. And then in the New Year I start all over again with the CTLLS, next step up basically. I don't actually have to have it to teach the level I teach at, so what on earth possessed me to sign up for it! I know, glutton for punishment!

What else. Oh, Ella had her 10th birthday. I know, where has the last 6.5 years gone! When chatting to a student I mentioned I had a 17 year old son. She thought I was too young. Now, was she being nice, or is she hoping for an A****** Back to Ella. She had a lovely day. Her friends at school all made her cards and she took a cake in. She had some lovely pressies, visitors, e-mails and phone calls. So thanks if it was one of you :)

Went to see some friends Monday night who have the most adorable little girl. Almosyt, not quite but almost, made me broody! And it was a really nice feeling to be able to offer support and advice to them.

My quilt didn't get finished. That'll be on this weekends to-do list. Jeff went to the allotment meeting as it was at the same time, I think I owe him big time! LOL!

Thursday one of the Center Parcs ladies had the rest of the group round for a traditional Caribbean meal. OMG it was fantastic. I think I'm going to have to eat at Pats every night! And of course, with alcohol and a great group of friends, the whole evening was perfect :)

Last night we went to friends for a meal. DH has know the fella - like forever! And luckily his wife and I get on very well - even converted her to scrapbooking. World domination, one person at a time. Evil laugh (cos I don't know how to write it!). Another lovely night, and great for DH and I to get out as a couple. Not something that happens very often.

Busy, busy, busy weekend. So better get on with it. But as it's now Advent, will try and add lots of Christmas photos from various years. This one is from a journal I did a few years ago :)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008
And another week bites the dust. time is going too, too fast to keep up. In some fantasy world I thought I would have all this free time to become a Stepford Wife. Yeah right, nothing like being in cloud cuckoo land! For example this week I have
- My new part-time job;
- 8 candidates to see and assess;
- DPP course, and my teaching is being assessed!;
- PTLLS course - and it's the micro-teach time, so more assessing to see if I'm any good! As I've chosen scrapbooking, need to create 8 packs for the people assessing me. Bit worrying if I'm not after all the teaching I've done. Plus all the assignments!;
- I have an appointment with the fella that's helping me sort out the paperwork for the shop;
- last quilting class, so that's not going to be manic much!
- Hours and hours and hours and hours..... of paperwork to hit all my deadlines for this week. So yes, good point, why am I blogging! I suppose I also ought to find time to feed the family, do the washing, ironing, cleaning, blah, blah, blah. Keep up with my cyber buddies :) and maybe meet up with a few friends. Oh yes, right, who needs a social life. Mind you did go to one of my oldest friends divorce party at the weekend. Well actually DH and me both went. Bless him. Did he get much stick, him and only 1 other fella, all the rest were divorced women! So I had a good evening!

Right, gtg type up an assignment. Oh, and I forgot to mention, blooming boiler packed up on Sunday. Certainly knew the coldest weekend to do that!
Thursday, November 13, 2008
Up and down....up and down......up and down........Feeling seasick yet? Typical few days in my life.

We go up........ I got my A1 upgrade through and the IV's let me see the report. They don't normally, but they thought as it was so good I'd like to see it :)

We go down..... DS3's on report.

We go up...... Since DD's splash in the pool, she's been dry all week :)

We go down.......DS2 has a days exclusion tomorrow for swearing at the teacher. No sympathy, he shouldn't have done it! And I get to see the Director of his house and decide what on earth we're going to do with him!

We go up...... I have passed my first 2 assignments for the PTLLS course L4 (that's good!). And I have got a part-time job 20 hours a week :) On top of the teaching, so yay, might see some money at the end of.....oh December! But in this current climate a jobs a job!

We go down...... You know, I know there's something, but I'll be blessed if I can remember what it is!

We go up.......A friend got the all clear from a lump :)

And tomorrow I'm being treated to a Starbucks with another friend :) This week has not been too bad.
Tuesday, November 11, 2008
Well hello strangers. It's been a month since I had to give up the keys to the shop. In some ways it's been a lifetime, but it's also only yesterday. Hence the lack of posts. Who feels like being cheery and upbeat when life's a bit yeuck. But I have had the most wonderful support from some people - you know who you are, give yourselves a pat on the back. Go on, at least try. Then video it, send it over, so we can all have a giggle!

So, apart from not having a business anymore, and therefore no money and a lot of debts, what else has been happening?

DS3 ended up in casualty having nearly split his lip in 2 -only 2 days after one of his best mates ended up in same casualty after losing a fight with a catherine wheel. Will they ever grow any brains? No, I don't think so either.

DD decided to go for a swim in the hydropool at school - and the problem? Oh that would be that she had had her session, got out, dried and then decided to go back in - fully clothed right to her shoes! And this'll be after getting a star for not wetting herself all day! Gotta love the irony.

I found my Hermes bracelet and troll bracelet :) I had given up ever seeing them again. I was heartbroken over the troll, as well as every bead being a gift, or having some meaning, I had put my grans wedding ring on it. But hey, just goes to show, it pays to clean your bedroom sometimes! And when you swap things from one bag to another - swap it all! So thanks Anna for the prayers to St Anthony, he must have been listening :)

Went to a firework display round one of DH's mates - lovely evening :)

DS1 had his 17th birthday - no I know, hard to believe I have a 17 year old isn't it! I just look so young :) No cracks about maturity either!

I've become a Care Ambassador - go look it up if you're that interested!

And that's about it. Tbh at the moment I'm just concentrating on keeping a roof over our head. But we have each other, and our health, and friends and family that are the best - both irl and cyber buddies :)
Saturday, October 11, 2008
Well yesterday was a mixed bag. I had to give the keys of the shop over to a very nice man named Paul. No! Of course not 'that' Paul! I feel emotional, yet numb. Strange combination.

And yet my little bruv phoned to check up on me. At the shop one of the part-timers popped into work to wish me well. Paul and his colleague were wonderful. It's a truly horrible situation to find oneself in, but when such supportive and approachable people are working for you, it does take the edge off.

I got back from the shop and found a flower delivery from M & S. My Saturday girl of 3 years sent them as a thank-you. Also, the postman had delivered a 'Thinking of You' card from a friend. And I had a lovely email from someone who has some understanding of what we're going through atm.

Like I say - a mixed bag of emotions. But as someone said to me last week 'Life is a journey, not a destination'. How profound - didn't know Aerosmith had it in them!

So yesterday was the first day of the rest of my life. I came home from the shop needing to be kept busy. So I decided to swap all the furniture in the den and the study. Seemed like a good idea. Until all the units are emptied. Then in trying to move the floor to ceiling units realised they are stuck because the ceiling has dropped. I cannot begin to describe the mess that is my downstairs! DS3 comes home, looks around and says "Oh my God mum, dad is going to flip. Do you do these things just to p*** him off!"

Had a chat on msn with a DIL2b. Went to bed at 11.30pm and worked till 1am on my next assignment for the teaching course. Not sure how long this new found energy is going to last, but it is fun!
Friday, October 10, 2008
What a busy week. "There's a surprise!" I hear you say.

DS1 - Our first 'invitation' to his college to speak with his tutors! I suppose he did go a whole month! But he's much calmer. Maybe new college - premises - teachers - friends - etc. was a bit of overload for a teen with ADHD.

DS3 - New girlfriend. I know, how many? I lose count. He's doing well at school this term. Has has a pink tooth - seriously - for about a month. Wednesday night said tooth split in half and we could see what looked like blood vessels actually in the tooth! FF to dentist. Apparently his second tooth was so ready to come up it pushed the gum up through into his tooth! I know, I'd never heard of it either.

DS2 - What have I been doing for the past 13 years? Well, that would be taking the boys to football. Today though was a step closer to one of them playing professionally. DS2 was selected, after 3 trials, to play for the county. Proud mum moment :)

DH - Grumpy old man. No change then! Although he's spending the whole weekend under his car changing a gearbox, so thought should put him in a good mood. Yes, honestly.

DD - Same old, same old.

Me - Well I had the most wonderful weekend. Spa. Chocolate. Alcohol. Swimming. Sauna. Disco. Fab company. Resting. Oh, and I wrote a 1500 word assignment and a 450 word reflective account. And it was that good we've already booked next years!
Thursday, October 02, 2008

Singing along to this at the moment

Does it make me sad
  • to singalong to it?
  • to actually like it?
  • to admit that I like it?
Feeling good at the moment. Not sure why. Maybe because my destiny is out of my hands at the moment? The kids are behaving? Sex? Tidy house? Don't be silly, it's.............CENTER PARCS GIRLY WEEKEND TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Excited much.

Other less exciting news? DPP course is going ok I think - well the students are still coming back so I take that as a good sign; PTLLS course now in week 3 and a 1500 assignment is just calling me to be written. It needs to be in at 9.30 next Thursday. Bets on just how late into Wednesday night/Thursday morning I shall be writing it. Have taken tons of photographs for this album I'm doing. Have had a few strange looks as well, but then who's to say that's got anything to do with the photograph taking. Kids are all quiet, calm before the storm? DH on a weeks holiday so he's nice and chilled. Finally got to MJ's crop. And quilting class started last week. I don't think it'd ever 'get' me. I mean there's only so much pinning, cutting and stitching you can do. Yeah, okay, coming from a scrapper pot and kettle does spring to mind. But it will be nice to say 'I made that!'. Nearly finished A1 upgrade. Oh, and won another £50 worth of M & S vouchers for another blog I write. So this Christmas we'll be saying "This turkey is not just any turkey, it's an M & S turkey!"Anyhow, all boring, back to .......


Laterz xx
Sunday, September 28, 2008
This is only a few photos of our holiday. It was a very simple, cheap break, mostly spent by the pool, eating, and in the company of my brother and his family. I have got some fab photos of a local market; a little village we went too, etc. But they were taken on my 'proper' camera and are therefore not on the pc!

So this little display will have to do!The first photograph is their home. Isn't it absolutely beautiful. They've done a lot to it, but it still looks and feels like a French farmhouse should.

This photo is their back garden! No, seriously! Well, okay, little white lie, there's also a lot more each side you can't see, including a stream. I mean, how cool is that!

Next we have DD, posing - in fact some of the photos she actually does a pose. Do you think I should have let her watch 'So you want to be a Supermodel'?! Followed by DS1, DS2 and DS3. As you can tell DS2 did NOT want his photo taken. Doesn't he have the Italian gesticulating just right! But if I had to have a least one photo on our holiday, then so did he. Deal with it!

The joint photo has one of my nephews on it, but it's not clear. I haven't included my little bruv's family as I haven't checked whether we minds their faces on the www. Will add some more at a later date if there's no problem.

Next one up is DH and me :) I have had that dress about 10 years, I love it. Have stitched it up so many times it's just as well it's a printed material! On a plus, at least I must be about the same weight as I can still get in it. You know that's the real reason I haven't lost any weight, because I just can't give up the dress!

Then we have DH and DD. She was such a sweetie on holiday - unlike this weekend! - she loves swimming. I think if we had a pool in our garden she would never misbehave again. Actually, no, she'd probably be worse cos she would never want to get out!

Have decided to take part in Ali Edwards challenge, A Week in my Life. So driving everyone mad as wherever I go, so goes the camera! I just thought, with all the cr*p going on atm, it will - hopefully - be nice to look back in a year and say "I got through that".

The idea is to record everything (okay, not that...... or that...... well, nearly everything) no matter how big or small it is. To record things the kids say that make you laugh. To journal how you're feeling. And of course, in true scrapbooker style, take loads of photographs. I get all ready yesterday. Write a journal entry about where we are in life right now. Take camera to DS3's football match - and then remember I should have charged the batteries.! But have made up for it since, even though DS2 isn't impressed.

Right, off to upload some photos of France for my dear American allies :)
Friday, September 26, 2008
DS1's turn. Spent yesterday morning at the doctors and the minor injuries unit. He's had a cold for a few days. Went onto his chest again. Thankfully it's 'only' a chest infection this time, not pneumonia. Next?
Wednesday, September 24, 2008
Just a quick post. So how many 13 year olds would think it's a good idea to come down a slide on a skateboard? Anyone? No? Just mine then. *insert exhausted smilie with rolling eyes that wonders what they will do next!*
Friday, September 19, 2008
Today my shop is in the Drapers magazine, short-listed to the top four independant childrenswear retailers of the year. Would be absolutely fantasic if it wasn't so ironic. But, as step-mum said, if you're going out, at least you're going out in style.
Monday, September 15, 2008
Okay, will sort out France photos asap :)

Moan today, so switch off now if you're already depressed! Freaking Full Moon and DS1. That's all. Totally stressful weekend. I think we're going to have to quarantine him when there's a full moon.

Now a funny. We all know DS2 doesn't enjoy school. So he's in a lesson where they all need to take their shoes off (don't ask!). DS refuses as he has a hole in his sock. Teacher spends 5 mins arguing with him. Then says, "okay then, I'll have to get a member of the senior team" She brings back Deputy Head of DS's House (first teacher she found and one that knows DS really well). Him "Who is it?" Teacher "DS" Him, "Oh right DS, what's the problem?" DS "I've got a hole in my sock and I'm not taking my shoe off." He looks at the teacher and says "Yep, no he won't do it!" and walks out of the room smiling :)
Friday, September 12, 2008
I suppose 6 weeks isn't *that* bad between posts. So, quick recap:

- passed my book-keeping third exam. Now to find time to take on some book-keeping;
- nearly completed my A1 upgrade for assessing students;
- taking the PTLLS (Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Sector) course this term to help with my teaching skills. Oh, and it's a legal requirement, so got no choice! Well, I have, I could give up the teaching, but don't want to!
- DS1 did okay in his GCSE's. I do think he could have done better, but he had enough to get into college, so that's good;
- 3 weeks to Center Parcs :) :) :) :) Eager? Me? LOL
- scrapping? Only with kids, not with paper!
- I'm teaching a proper course starting the end of this month, the DPP (Diploma in Pre School Practice). Nervous and excited;
- Ella's been having fits again :(
- the shop has been short listed for Independent Childrens Retailer of the Year! Go figure;
- DS3 went to France at the beginning of his hols to see my little bruvver and his family. We followed him out 2 weeks later. Sun and rest. Did not want to come home.
- my American internet friends are planning a get-together next Autumn - sorry girls, Fall :) - and I so want to go. Flights okay, got to be some advantage for DH working silly hours at the airport. However, we're back to the being on the plane thing. Hypnotherapist here I come;
- have met up with lots of old friends lately, which has been lovely. Gutted I never got up to see Lou, maybe before Christmas when petrol doesn't cost more than caviar!

Enough? More? The shop? Don't even go there. Good choice of words, might not be going there much longer myself if things don't improve!
Saturday, August 02, 2008
Best laid plans and all out. Him above decided to put a few obstacles in the way yesterday. Made for an interesting day. Check bank account. Leave house 9.05 am. Get petrol. Pick up SIL. Oh wait. Leave home 9.05am. Spend 30 mins at petrol station cos bank has cancelled my debit card and issued me with another. No idea, they couldn't tell me why. So here I am not able to pay for the petrol, despite having the money in the bank. In fact I can't access any money for a week unless I go into the branch. Will add that to the list of things I need to do. Pick up L 15 mins late, just as well I allowed plenty of time. She needs to drop a prescription off. Shut due to staff training. Of course. On the journey following GPS. Advised to ignore suggested junction and come off at a different one as it goes around the back of the city. Last time I listen to suggestions. Roadworks. Meant instead of arriving 10 mins early we arriveat the destination 30 mins late. Grrr. Meeting okay. Leaving follow GPS out of the city. Accident on the motorway. We are right next in front of a lorry which stinks like rotton cabbage. Decide to take our chances and get off the motorway. Either that or stink out in the 2 hour jam. Well that was a good move. 10 mins off the motorway and got back on after. Need a drink. DD had left cap off drink and it's all over seat. Thankfully just water. Turn radio up to listen to traffic report and manage to break the radio. Got stuck in a rolling police traffic jam. Oh and 1st August? The weather was so bad needed lights on.

Apart from that, great day! LOL

Mini book I made based on a kit from Mellie :)

Wednesday, July 30, 2008
Snapshots of the past few days:

In the car with DS3 .....*sniff*........*sniff*.......*sniff*....... DS, is your hayfever bad today? ...... Nah, just got a giant bogey stuck up there! What can you say, it's a boy thing!

Dad tried to cut a toad in half.

DD tried to pick up a toad.

DS1 has gone on his first holiday without his mummy and daddy - ok, yes, us. He's in Cyprus with girly and her family. Well we assume he is, not had a phone call or nothing. This is is, isn't it? Those apron strings are coming undone :( Nothing else for it, will have to have more babies.....JEFFFFF!

Tears, biiig tears.

That's all folks!
Saturday, July 26, 2008
Just a quickie ;)

The first photo is for a little challenge. Was a £1.00 notebook. Covered front and back and edges all inked. Lots of stamping and ribbons, and a book tag. Made 4, all very similar for DD's teachers for Christmas presents. Yes, you read that right! Christmas :)

And this....... (points to photo below)........ is what summer should be about :)

Friday, July 25, 2008
You know that hair cut? Looks fab, unless you're a 15 year old boy. So now he's taken to wearing a hoody. Yes, that's right, hottest days of the year and he's wearing a woollen hat. Count to ten. Report for DS3 appeared Thursday. What was the point of that? School closed Wednesday so can't follow any concerns up. Oh, well that would be because DS had received it weeks ago, but hidden it from us. In that case one would assume it's not a good one. Only it is. I am so proud of him, he's like me, prefers to use his hands than his brain, so to get a good report is a double achivement. So no idea why he felt the need to hide it. And have won a 20 pound Boots voucher. So now have 40 pounds Boots vouchers, 8 on LV's which can be used at Boots, and 50 quids worth of Boots points. Guess where everyone will be getting their Christmas pressies this year..... And have found a forum that may be able to help us with the business. Laterz xx
Wednesday, July 23, 2008
Went scrapping last night round at Liz's. Would have been more successful had I remembered the cutting mat; photographs; oh and enthusiasm and drive! One hour later the settee and a cuppa was much more inviting. Get home 10.15pm exhausted but needing to stay awake as DS2 was due in at 11. So decide to upload some work photos to Photobucket to pass the time. So manage to crash the computer - oops. I would deny all knowledge, except DH knows it was working before I touched it. 11.10. "DS2 where are you?" "Can I sleep at Harrys?" "Couldn't you have let me know an hour ago?" "Sorry" OMG if I had a penny for everytime one of them said that. "Okay, will phone you in a bit and make sure you're at his house." 11.45 pm phone and check DS2 is safe and sound. Collapse in bed. Woken at 12.30am as DD has an upset stomach. TMI? Collapse in bed. Woken at 1.30 by DD again. Collapse in bed. Woken by DH as he leaves at 5am and DD gets me up at 6am. Sleep? HA! Who needs it - me, me, me! Sort out kids. Send them all to school. But of course DD picks today to decide there is no way she is getting on the school bus. So have to leave one hour earlier than planned, to get madam to school, to be at work early for a rep. Phew!

Tonight a trip to the allotment and a stiff brandy to help me sleep. Except I hate brandy.

Photos of our first offerings from the allotment. Sad I know, but little things.....

Tuesday, July 22, 2008
That DD of mine - she's a sweety, really she is, but can she be trying. That would be a yes, and not just a meek yes, a blooming great YYEEESSSSSSSSS. Think 'The little girl who had a little curl'; or 'Rosemarys baby'; or 'Carrie'. Yes, honestly, on a bad day it's enough to make your blood curl. Helpful pointers to avoid the eruption that is DD? "Wait a minute" or "No, you can't". And then of course there's my absolute favourite. "Now where the f... did that come from!" when there's no warning just a Tazmanian Devil in the place of my DD. I must be exaggerating. That would be a no. Think of the loudest child you've ever heard, now times it by ten, with the strength of Mike Tyson. All wrapped up in a child of 9 with the developmental age of 3. Getting the picture? We're talking hair pulling; kicking; punching, etc. etc. etc. for up to 3 hours at a stretch. And the language. Yes, I do swear like a trooper, but I sound like Mother Teresa in comparison. My all time favourite would be doing '70' down the motorway and she crawls out of her seatbelt (Houdini in the making methinks) and stands behind me pulling my hair. We love her to pieces, but it's tough, bloody tough.

DS1 - Since the incident with the motorbike. No, if you don't know, i am not putting it 'out there'!, And the 4 trips to the police station in the last year, he has calmed down the last few weeks. Except that he thinks it's okay to come in late, which would be okay as he's on his hols, but I can't sleep till he's in. So between his late nights and DD's 5am starts, I have forgotten what a good nights sleep is like. Answers on a postcard.

DS2 - in a word, truanting. So much so we're waiting to hear from the EWO. I mean, this kid is so bright. No, I agree, he doesn't get his brains from me. He wants to work for NASA or suchlike, and he's clever enough to, but going to school would help.. He's getting his hair cut on Thursday, so I'm hoping a new teenager will emerge from under it. If you haven't seen him lately, his hairs longer than mine. Which doesn't bother me. Remember Kezzy? So no problems with the length, but maybe new haircut, new attitude. Of course, there's always the possibility let's not go there!

DS3 - Just his usual self. He's over the assault by the park warden.....I so can't move past it. He's giving me the least grief atm. Thanks :) Up to his eyes in girlfriends and putting his own mark on fashion. Possible next John Galliano in the making.

DH - Cheeky, moody, flirty. stroppy, laidback. So no change there.

And me. Well - apart from the kids; working in the retail industry during a recession; taking 2 other jobs to keep a roof over our head; being 'smacked' on a smackblog for daring to have an opion; feeling 'at odds' with life; losing my sense of humour; losing my troll bracelet :( :being 'dumped' by one of my girlfriends; and on more than one occasion sitting with a bottle of pills and a bottle of alcohol. I am not a cup half empty person. I like life, but it's getting harder.

On a positive? The shop is still standing! DD does have good days, and when she is good, she really is very, very good! I have a gem in Lynn at the shop. One very down day when I was wondering what's it all about (Alfie!) my bf timed a phone call perfectly. She has no idea - since I haven't told her! - just what that phone call meant to me. I have a holiday in August with my brother and his family. My friend Mellie came to visit for 2 days and we had a wonderful time at Windsor and London. I have Center Parcs in October with my closest friends and DH is going to take the weekend off work, so I can go without any worrying. So life is good, I'm just feeling sorry for myself - Lou, neeeed that red wine night!

And that's my past few months in a nutshell.
Friday, July 11, 2008
I am still here, just having a difficult time atm, which is not what I want to blog about. Normal service will be resumed shortly.... hopefully.
Monday, June 02, 2008
So, really should have taken a 'before' and 'after' photo. So, the frame was the khaki colour all over - no hint of blue! - as was the grid and the hearts; and the hearts were strung up with bits of string.

I painted it all blue. Put a layer of crackle glaze on the front of the frame and on the front of the hearts. Then a layer of cream on top. I left the edges of the hearts blue. Then a brown ink pad to age the edges, and finished with some pretty ribbon :)

Sunday, June 01, 2008
Friday, May 30, 2008
Just a flying visit.
Massive (((hugs))) Sofie xxx

This time next week I shall be waking up in Holland. Thank you e-bay, so worth all the aggro. So, the first year a planner was duly made. Was quite pleased with it. However, on seeing someone's completely OTT planner mine disappeared into the suitcase and I've not made one since. But this year, sod it, Ive created a simple one - useful, not glamourous, from a bingo clipboard. Front and back self explanatory. And if you need it explaining, suggest you go play on cbeebies website instead. List of each day is laminated and the little red cards have info on the back about the class and the tutor. And the photo pocket - oh that'd be for photos.
Back later with haircut!
Tuesday, May 27, 2008
Jeff's Take on Yesterday. Get woken at 5.30 by not so DD. Get up at 6 as she's screaming. Make Suzanne breakfast, suppose I ought. Row with DS1. Take DS1 to work. Buy birthday cake for S. Then she moans as it's chocolate and she likes sponge and jam. Take DS3 to a friends. Got to work. Get home. Rescue S. from a HUGE wasp - which one of us is allergic to said wasp and yet still has to get rid of it. Fall asleep.

Suzanne's Take on Yesterday. Get woken up at 5.30 by not so DD. Get up at 6 as she's screaming. Jeff makes me a lovely cup of tea and poached eggs on toast. So, hey, didn't actually get breakfast in bed, but still good, and we got to catch up on CSI New York on the planner. Jeff has row with DS1. Then I do. Jeff takes DS1 to work. Comes back with a chocolate cake. You'd think after 18 years he'd know! Still, did me a favour as I only had 1 token piece instead of half the cake and of course the kids didn't mind. Had a few cards, phone calls, texts. and e-mails - gotta love some parts of the 21st century. Spent the whole afternoon watching 5 back-to-back episodes of Season 2 of Heroes with DS2, followed by the American Idol final. Paint and grained both the tv/video and bathroom cabinets. Read DD a bedtime story. Collapsed into bed, surfed. Bloody great wasp flies in through the window. Put a cup over it safe in the knowledge that my hero of a DH will get rid of it for me. Fall asleep.
Monday, May 26, 2008
Morning :) Today is my birthday and I am 45. I know, hard to believe, I look so young! So, what have I got to show for what is probably over half my life gone? Been thinking about that a lot lately. I've made a few mistakes, okay a few big ones, but on the whole, I love my life. I have a wonderful (if turning into a somewhat grumpy old man!) husband, 4 children and 2 step-sons who all try my patience and who I can't imagine life without. My mum, dad and step-mum are supporting, even
if sometimes I don't like what they say. I have some truly special friends who have helped my sanity over the years. I have a roof over my head, even if it does belong to the mortgage company! We live in a relatively safe country where I can attend Church in the knowledge that's it safe to go. I can moan about the government, the police, and know that I have freedom of speech. We all have our health - special needs aside! And much as finances are tough at the moment , life could be a lot worse.

So, happy birthday to me, here's to the next 45!
Thursday, May 15, 2008
Another day come and gone. What have I achieved? Let's not go there.

1am and DH comes gets in from work - overtime. 5am and DH gets up to go back to work - overtime, he'll be home about 1.30 tomorrow morning. Shan't be getting bored of his company any time soon. 6am up. Cup of tea. Surf. Sort kids out. Realise forgot niece's 18th birthday today. I know, so unlike me to forget a birthday. Off to Winchester with Jo and Lydia to a memorial service. Arrive an hour early. Manage to get a pressie for said niece. Service was lovely, dedication's were lovely as were the hymns. Home again. Catch up on some paperwork. Sort kids out. Planning to go out at 6.20pm. At 6.19 DD decides to play up. Settle her and get out only 20 mins late. Get onto motorway and traffic is doing 10mph due to awful weather. Remember this is England, so yes, we had been having a heatwave 2 days ago, so of course it's chucking it down today. Idiot on a motobike thought I might like to see him try and kill himself. Idiot. Turn a corner and MM Tote falls on it's side. Yeah, those bags where everything falls out. Get to class only 15 mins late - don't even ask how the 5 mins were made up. My bad, but I thought this class was about stamping techniques. And 3 ink pads to share with 15 people? If I wanted to stick cut up pieces of paper, I could have stayed at home and saved 60 miles worth of petrol, 16.50 for the class, and 3 hours of my life. And if I'd wanted to talk to somebody in a stroppy mood, could have spoken to DS1, DS2 or DS3! Let's say won't be taking that class again. Get home 9.45, and DD is waving from the front room window. So much for her going to bed at 8pm. Sort her out. Where's DS1, he's supposed to be in charge? Oh he went out with his mate. God give me strength. He agreed to babysit, and yet thinks its ok to just go out instead, and after 9pm on a school night. Explains why he asked what time I would be home, assumed he would be back before me. You know what assuming did. It's now 12.10 am, and I'm finally going to go to bed so that I can wake up tomorrow and do it all over again.
Sunday, May 11, 2008
Went to an all-day crop yesterday organised by Caz. Fab day. Get up. Get ready. Get in car. Take DS1 to work. Pick up Ariane. Drop DD off at one of her aunties. Drive 1hr 10mins. Sit at a table for 8 hours. Get in car. Drive 1hr - go figure. Drop Ariane off. Get home.

But, the bit in between was great. Caz was there - well, d'uh. Mel from the Pad and her mum were also there. Couple of ladies I didn't know. And later Zenia and Kel were there, who'd I'd met a few times at Scrap Manic. The village was adorable, Great Wymondley. Has only 55 houses, and loads of history, including that Henry VIII was a regular visitor. So we discussed a possible treasonable offence and debated how many descendants were in the village :) Had frequent visits from a pair of HUGE bumblebees; a stroppy resident; fumes from a tractor that just went back and forth and back and forth and....well you get the picture! A loo that has no ceiling, so peeing was very interesting, it's not easy being quiet for the female sex you know! The company was fab. Just the right number, you could probably have a couple more, but not too many, which is nice as everyone could join in a conversation. Tea and coffee on tap - excuse the pun! And a lovely buffet lunch. Could have spent an hour walking around the village and got some lovely photos - will do that next time. Yep, hopefully there will be a next time :)

This is one of the projects I did. It's an 8x8 DLO as part of a Circle Journal swap. But I'm not worried about putting it on here as I doubt she visits my blog, and I've splodged out the faces - like the technical term! Only now that I'm home I might change the S to a different shade of pink.

Friday, May 09, 2008
Results in from my Bookkeeping Level II - First Class Pass :) DS1 has a part-time job at Tescos :) We have potatoes growing. How much more exciting can my life get I wonder. I can't tell the difference between a slow worm and a snake. Actually, make that 10 slow-worms. Boys school is sending me over the edge.

Copied from elsewhere as lethagy has struck......On top of the usual chaos I've a friend visiting from America early June and the room we use as a games/spare room.....Well there's no way I would let her stay in that, so frantically decorating. And of course nothing goes simply does it? Peeling old stickers off the wall so we could repaint? Half the old paint comes off, so now we have to use some special 'healing' medium before we can paint over it. The units were really old, and years of the kids knocking and drawing on them had taken it's toll. But finances as they are we can't replace them. So last night I had 2 units in the garden sanding them down and colourwashing them with a white wash. Jeff found a tin of the stuff in the garage I had bought about 5 years ago I dread to think what else is in there! Well, actually I mentioned the kids need a bathroom cabinet....yep, seriously, there's one in the garage dad gave us years ago, but mahogany with gold handles and hinges. So more sanding at the weekend. Then I mention the gold trims and wouldn't silver be a bit more modern. You've guessed it. Picks another box of odds and sods, sure enough brushed silver handles and hinges. So next time I clear out a box of cr*p and he takes most of it back out "just in case" I have no leg to stand on!
Thursday, May 08, 2008
Not been blogging. Not really bothered atm. Up to my eyes in it with sons! Say no more. Normal service will resume when I feel I have something positive to say :)
Sunday, April 20, 2008
What a week. School holidays, shop, college work. So far so good. Then we get the police. I am just so fed up with this. DS1 was with a mate who has been accused of damaging a tee shirt in a shop. The Manager himself said it had nothing to do with DS and he could go. The policeman in his infinate wisdom decided not. The Manager re-inforced DS was not involved. I told the pc that I couldn't see why he needed to caution DS when the shop itself was not interested in Joe. Apparently cos DS's mate had DS's rucksack on his back. Except the rucksack has got nothing to do with it. They're not accused of stealing anything. So are we now being told that it's not wise to carry anyone else bags! So the outcome was if I don't take him down to the station voluntarily they'll arrest him! So now I'm on the warpath. After the last 2 years it seems obvious to me that because the boys uncle has been 'known to the police' for the past 30 years, that the minute my sons mention their name they are tarred with the same brush and I really have had enough of it. This comes 2 days after I get a letter from the anti-social behaviour officer to tell me DS1 was stopped because his friends were drinking. The letter even says he wasn't, so this is common police practise now? I'm going to stop your son and write to you to tell you he's done nothing wrong. Tomorrow morning going to find a solicitor, Anna reckons it's something to do with harrassment. Between that, the school, the park warden, the shop, I am getting very tired.
Wednesday, April 16, 2008
14 years. Where did they go? No, seriously, where did they go? Would have been longer but took DH a long time to persuade me to climb those stairs - Registry Office, top floor! And yes, DS1 and DS2 are older than 14. Say no more :) Have attached a couple of photos. Can't believe I was ever that slim, or the boys that cute :)
General theme of reminiscing at the moment on this blog. Must be because my current life is just so borriinnnnng. Including the fact that I keep saying it's boring. Must try not to be such a bor...opps, dull blogger.

Off to handmake an anniversary card; bake a heart shaped cake; prepare a candlelight dinner for 2; and prepare myself for a night of passion........ Who's laughing?

Sunday, April 13, 2008
And hi :) This week went where? Kids on first week of Easter hols. Met 2 new CCLD candidates. Kids have been driving me up the wall. So just another week. No.

I have 2 friends poorly atm. Take care both of you, be pampered. N, you know where I am, I mean it xx

Potatoes planted. Must do seedlings.

Found on Latharia's blog an idea where you make a list of 101 things that you will do in 1001 days. Think I might just do that :)

Bought some curtains on ebay - gotta love ebay as long as you're prepared to hunt out all the tat and ridiculously expensive stuff! And joined freecycle :) We plan to do a carboot, but there's big stuff that I'd rather just give away, than bother with, like the Ikea storage of the boys toys. And as a plus, we managed to get a coffee table from it. Have no idea about the condition, but that's what paints for! Will take a before and after piccie.

Went to a funeral mid-week for Lynns FIL. Well, blast from the past Kezzy was there. Most people go "Who?" Joy says "Oh!" After the initial shock, was lovely to catch up :)
Friday, April 11, 2008
Haven't forgotten about the HT's letter, just keeping you in suspense. Have attached mini book I've just completed. This is Center Parcs 2007. Went with Anna, Ariane, Dawn, Debbie, Heather, Joy and Sara. Fab weekend. Alcohol. Chocolate. Spa. Falconry. Sauna. Dancing. Badminton. Disco. Fondue. Girly Flicks. Singstar. Buzz - steady!
Monday, April 07, 2008
Friday Sunny. Saturday rain. Sunday snow. Monday hail. Must be England.

I have a fellow blogger. 3 on my list now, nearly popular. Welcome Niki, it's a good thing to do :)

Haven't forgotten about yesterdays photo. Need to remind the boys who the computer belongs to and who pays the bills. Actually would be easier just to get up before them. save any major hissy-fits. Yep, even boys have those. In fact, let's be honest, if we have a day without one of them having a stress, well it's probably a day when they're not around.

Have today written a very stroppy letter to boys HT. Will stick it on here in all it's glory tomorrow :)

Todays photo is from a class I did last June at Scrap-a-Ganza called 31 Days by Melodee (see previous post, can't be bothered to create new links!) One of my resolutions this year is to catch up on all my unfinished projects. And as Mellie is visiting in June, thought I'd make hers a priority! I choose October to do as it's quite a busy month, but remembering to take a photo every day... well let's just say 'poetic licence' :) I have one page to do for my A-Z Personal Treasury, so will work on that this week. Think one of those slide presentation thingys will be used for that. Oh God, more technical stuff to learn.

Sunday, April 06, 2008
In a word........SNOW! :)

Will add photos when I can get boys off main computer!
Friday, April 04, 2008
We have sunshine :) Just recording it because we all know how often the sun comes out atm. also, and say this quietly so as not to tempt fate, we all seem healthier. That was 2 long weeks.

Love to Liz, hope you're feeling better soon x and to Don x

Went to see a local schools version of High School Musical the other night. My bestest friends boy played Troy. Has a nice singing voice. But, why did the kids all have to 'do' the American accent. There's nothing worse than listening to a bad fake accent. It's like, when you watch an American programme and they have the 'Englishperson' and you think, that is so not how we sound! I sure hope there were no Americans in the audience. Would have done nothing to ease Anglo-American relations! But back to the show, well done David :)

What else? Oh yeah, been feeling rough so have not had too much excitment in my life - I know, when do I. Oh, I know! Off to ScrapaGanza in June and Melodee Langworthy, one of the American tutors, is coming to stay for a couple of nights. We're gonna go sight-seeing, which I'm really looking forward to. I may live near London, but it's been many years (ahem - 15 ish!) since I actually just spent the day enjoying London. Usually it's drive in, go to a fashion house, drive out! I think many of us don't appreciate what's around, you just take it for granted. Wow that's deep.....

Oh, Center Parcs is booked, texted the girls, and it seems I'm not alone in already looking forward to it - yes this is the October weekend. Obviously a long year for lots of us so far.

Thought I would include a few photos of the shop, it's looking good :)

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thinking of having a big red cross on our house at the moment for 'unclean'! Between coughs, colds, ambulances, bumps and illnesses, it's been an unhealthy month!

Have been doing a bit of assessing, so far so good. So NVQ Leader asks if I'd like to run a workshop on Stimulating Environments'. No sweat. Went well. Would I like to do another one? Okay. Topic?..........Self-Esteem, the Cornerstone of Development. Eeek! A LOT more preparation, but the feedback was positive. Maybe I'll check the topic before the next time!

Book-keeping exam taken. Say no more.

DS1 has got a space at sixth form. Taking English Lit; Law; Graphics and Art. 4 A's - will be so proud of him, but not sure that he hasn't overstretched himself.

And that's about it, what an exciting life I lead.......
Thursday, March 20, 2008
In a word? Chaos. In my life. At the moment. Pure and simple.

So will not bore you on the ins and outs, but rather relay a story about 3 brothers who like to spend their lives kicking nine bells out of each other.

Rewind a few years to primary school where there was a whinging little kid who went crying to his mummy if the boys so much as looked at him. And of course mummy would go straight to the Headteacher. It would never be her son, as if!

Present day and said whiny kid - now 15 - tries to pick a fight with DS2. The question 'why' does indeed spring to mind. Said DS spends nearly 1 hour every night doing weights and keeping fit, but has not got into one fight at secondary school. Doesn't need to, no-one in their right mind would, so goes some way to explain how the brain works of said whiny kid (WK for short).

Back to said offer of a fight. DS2 laughs, then agrees. Surprise, surprise, WK back down.

Knock on front door. DS3 (Ben) answers. Scarey woman standing on the doorstep. " I want to speak to DS2 (Joshua)" Ben -"And who are you?" LOL! "It doesn't matter who I am, just get him". Ben makes no move.

Josh appears "It's okay Ben". "Joshua, WK doesn't know I'm here, but if you ever pick a fight with him I'll go to the police!" DS2 "Yeah, whatever."

DS1 walks down the stairs. "Could you get off my doorstep please" The mum "No, I won't". DS1 "Oh, okay then..." and shuts the door in her face! More LOL!

I am so proud of the boys. Not only did they all support each other, but they weren't rude to the sad old dear, and, you've got to admit, it is funny :)

As for WK. Well the fact that at 15 his mum even feels the need to talk to the other kids when when her son has had a bit of verbal to and fro speaks volumes. Poor kid doesn't stand a chance.
Monday, March 03, 2008
Ok, so how fast can I type this cos got loads to do. Excuse any typos - they will be typos of course, not just that I can't spell.

Right. 1am Mothers Day. Finally get to bed after DS1, DGF, and DH get home. Will start charging for this taxi service. 5.30, get waken by DD, what is that girl on atm. 7am hint that a cuppa in bed would be nice. 9am, still hinting. No milk. DH eventually pops round to shops, by which time too late as DD has to be at a party half an hour away. Find parking space. No disabled bays. Not only that, paid parking. What's that about? We're attending an event at your venue and you make us pay for the priviledge? They work on a similar scheme in our hell-hole, but you can have your ticket punched if you're going to the cinema, or bowling. Hunt for change in bag. Stop myself from fainting, but there's actually £1.50 in my purse, need to record that for posterity! Find payment machine, only to find disabled badges have free parking. Back to car to put out badge. Get to party only 5 mins late. Stay at the party. Leaving her at a Ten Pin Bowling place which is completely manic is a definate no-no. She had a whale of a time, although I think the dancing and food was more enjoyable for her than the bowling. Home via Tescos. Pick up bunch of flowers for DM and DMIL grave. Had tried to be organised this year and had actually got mum a lovely box of choccies a few weeks ago, then she goes and gives up chocolate for Lent. I mean, how inconsiderate! Pop round, she's on the phone with DB, so we have one very happy Mum. Home. Dinner for kids. Off to football to watch DS1. Crematorium on the way home. Watch Monk with the kids at 4.30 and have my first sit-down and cuppa of the day. Sort out kitchen and dinner. Ask one of the boys to get me a drink. Less than enthusiastic reponse, so I proceed to relay my day. DS2 'you know mum' he pauses for dramatic effect 'that has to be one of the most oring stories you've ever told us'. DD to bed. 1 hours worth of preparing for workshop at College on Tuesday. DGF leaves, but before she goes gives me a card and pressie. Bless. Made my day :) 2 hours of book-keeping, as mock exam on Wednesday and struggling to get my head around it. DH comes home. Say no more :) 12.15 am crash out.

How's that for 24 hours.
Wednesday, February 20, 2008
So, after spending half an hour drafting an update post. You know, we done this, that, and the other. Boring but updating for peeps we don't see often enough. Decide it can wait. This is far more 'interesting'.

So, Monday, I begged DH to bring me home. Yes, to this hellhole of a town, but compared to where we were - heaven. Where were we? Ikea at Wembley. Been there? Then you know what I mean. I think there must be some unwritten edit that you can leave any manners you may possess as you walk through the entrance. And of course if you have none as you walk in then, hey, you've just been giving a carte blanche for a free for all. Let's forget the people that don't thank you if you move out of their way. The staff that are never around. And if they are they can't help you. The fact that you just know at least one of the self-pack items you bought will have some missing items. The other customers that barge you out of the way because it's so important that they copy the aisle number down before you. Of course, how rude of me to not appreciate that their need and time is more important than mine. Anyhow, all that aside, and which we put up with cos at the end of the day like some of the items and prices there.......

Anyhow, cutting up some material and reading the instructions. Part 3 is 'find an attendant and have the material weighed and measured' I say to Lynn "Oh that must be these nice men here then" (ever the flirt!). The only other customer there then proceeds to tell me to get in line and don't push in. I was polite enough and just said she was wrong and I was making conversation. Then I was subjected to the most offensive tirade of racism against me. Apparently she was born in London and had as much right as me to be in the queue; I was white trash, several times; racist; told to f**k off! And that's just the tip, I couldn't even write half of what she said. I've never been accused of being racist, and even the two lads serving were obviously embarrassed. Although I remained calm and polite - I hadn't done anything to deserve the way she spoke to me, I am fuming. If I had spoken to her like that I'd probably have been locked up, and yet the 2 employees just stood there and let her talk to me like that!

So there you go, not something I've ever been witness to before, and God willing, never will again. Those of you that know me, know that manners and good behaviour are very important to me - even with a kid with ADHD - and I haven't got a racist bone in my body. Those that don't know me and have just landed here, you'll have to take my word for it :)
Monday, January 28, 2008
It's official. Apparently. I'm hitting middle age. Went out with a group of my dearest friends on Friday. I know, I know, Friday night, out, drinking, bit like being young again. Oh no, not quite - no pulling! So, as we hadn't all got together since last October. That's right 'that' group of repribates I go to Center Parcs with. So, again, as we hadn't met up for ages a ton of catching up was in order. And I'm sorry, what's funny about me and an allotment? Of course I'll get my hands dirty and not leave it all to DH and the boys! As if! Okay, so if that wasn't a sign that middle age isn't approaching, Dawn's date is a giveaway. He has grey hair...then it dawned - I know, bad pun - that any date she meets up with is going to! LOL. so, it's official. We're hitting middle age and there's sweet FA we can do about it. But on a plus, I can still drink an excess of Pernod and not make a spectacle of myself. Or throw up. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for DS1 :) Hopefully he learnt something Saturday night. Well, actually 2 things. 1. Do not drink so much again and 2. Don't lie to your mum about it, cos when you're saying hello to the big white bowl in the bathroom, she will know. DS2 has also learnt that it's not wise to drink a litre bottle of a red-bull type drink, followed by 2 coffees. Otherwise you will still be up at 1 in the morning unable to sleep and all jittery. Worse still, you keep your mum up, and she doesn't appreciate it. DS3 has learnt - for the umpteenth time I add - that you must let your mum know where you are, or she will go on msn and chat to all your mates until she tracks him down. Embarrasing him along the way of course. Hopefully he's also learnt not to put a new girlfriend ahead of his mum again, ever. And DD, well she's nearly learnt to write her name! Finally, DH, he most definately learnt yesterday that when his wife has left the house at 7.15am on a Sunday to go to a trade fair; spent till 6pm walking around said fair; then find out the GPS system has sent you up the M42 and you're in Tamworth instead of heading home, it is really NOT the best time to whinge about your day!

TTFN! xx
Friday, January 18, 2008
Bullet points today. As I probably said last Jan, this is a really busy month for a retailer!
  • Shop has gone into sale;
  • Having to go to out and about for buying trips for next season;
  • Passed my book-keeping Level 1 and have started Level 2;
  • Been offered an allotment plot;
  • 1 productive governor meeting;
  • More bloody leaks in the shop roof;
  • Project A - initially mentioned last April - is apparently still on the cards;
  • Project B looks like a goer;
  • Been filmed for a TV programme. Took an hour and will probably be a 2 min clip, and no, not saying when it's going to be on the telly;
  • Went for an interview at the local college and have got a job as a sessional NVQ Assessor;
  • No phone calls from the schools;

And the biggy, came face to face with the b*****d park warden at a meeting organised by the police. He then proceeded to make 3 statements over the course of the meeting and then deny them - even though he said them in front of the CI and his boss. The man is a total compulsive liar and a liability.

Hugs to Dawn and Niki who need them at the moment :)

Sunday, January 06, 2008
Just a quick post as I haven't for a few days. Probably haven't cos my life is so exciting atm....not. DH back to work. DS1 exclusion day Thursday so had to take him in Friday for his 'integration' meeting. Complete waste of time, but allows the school to dot their i's and cross their t's. Will give them a week for the meeting I requested and then start chasing them. Expecting to have to, which doesn't really say a lot about the school. DS 2 won his first footy match of 2008, as did DS3. DD has calmed down now that she is back in a routine. And me, headless chicken, nothing new. And that's about it, like I said, nothing exciting.
Wednesday, January 02, 2008
Like MJ's and Latharia's idea of where I've been - or maybe not - and where I'm going. So will save that for another post. And thank you both for the comments about my work, I don't 'do' compliments easily, but am very chuffed :)

Changed the background on here, thought it seemed like a good idea. But - isn't there always a but - I've lost every blessed link. Thankfully I was warned, so backed up a copy. Tonight will be spent putting them all back up again, yawn.

And a topic for another day, manners. Some people.
Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Year Resolutions. Why bother? No idea, but here we are again, probably making much the same ones we make every year, and yet still we do it. Why do we think making these 'promises' on the 1st January is going to mean that we can stick to them. We know we can't, and yet we still put ourselves up there for failure. Year after year. After year. Without even knowing who's reading this I know on your list will be lose weight - get fit - give up smoking. Get the picture. If I want to give up smoking I will. Setting a date aside to do it isn't going to make the difference in the long run. The willpower is there or it's not. In my case, not. And the smoking, just an example, I haven't picked up the weed since the heydays in The Cannon when you just had to breath in to get high. Oh those were the days. No kids, husband, debts, just alcohol and men. I digress, there's a surprise.

And so here we go, another half an hour of my life wasted, but can't resist.
1. Lose weight. Yes, you can stop laughing now, this has been top of the list for the last - ahem - few years, but this year.........
2. Keep fit. Like keeping house, looking after DH and 4 kids, and a business isn't good enough.
3. Sort the finances out. Least said.
4. Keep sane. Easier said than done, but this woman's not going down without a fight.
5. Be more crafty. In the arty-crafty way, not the sneaky way.
6. Post on my uks team thread daily.
7. Do things straight away. Okay, yes you can have a good laugh at that one.
8. Keep this blog up to date.
9. Restart Flylady. That would be the masochist in me then.
10. Find time for me, my family and my friends.
11. Be pro-active in the business plans I have whirling around.

And that's it. I could do 100, seriously. The point? There isn't, so I shan't. And 11 - seems a good number. Noticed a lot of double numbers appearing in my life, which probably means something, just don't know what! Good luck for anyone else embarking on promises, challenges, targets, whatever you want to call them. I am fully confident you will do better than me!