Friday, January 18, 2008
Bullet points today. As I probably said last Jan, this is a really busy month for a retailer!
  • Shop has gone into sale;
  • Having to go to out and about for buying trips for next season;
  • Passed my book-keeping Level 1 and have started Level 2;
  • Been offered an allotment plot;
  • 1 productive governor meeting;
  • More bloody leaks in the shop roof;
  • Project A - initially mentioned last April - is apparently still on the cards;
  • Project B looks like a goer;
  • Been filmed for a TV programme. Took an hour and will probably be a 2 min clip, and no, not saying when it's going to be on the telly;
  • Went for an interview at the local college and have got a job as a sessional NVQ Assessor;
  • No phone calls from the schools;

And the biggy, came face to face with the b*****d park warden at a meeting organised by the police. He then proceeded to make 3 statements over the course of the meeting and then deny them - even though he said them in front of the CI and his boss. The man is a total compulsive liar and a liability.

Hugs to Dawn and Niki who need them at the moment :)


  1. Congrats on passing the book keeping exams hun and the new job too, sounds like life is crazy for you right now, hugs, have a great weekend XXX

  2. congratulations on passing the exam hun, wow are busy, might see you at some stage lol


    mj xx


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