Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Year Resolutions. Why bother? No idea, but here we are again, probably making much the same ones we make every year, and yet still we do it. Why do we think making these 'promises' on the 1st January is going to mean that we can stick to them. We know we can't, and yet we still put ourselves up there for failure. Year after year. After year. Without even knowing who's reading this I know on your list will be lose weight - get fit - give up smoking. Get the picture. If I want to give up smoking I will. Setting a date aside to do it isn't going to make the difference in the long run. The willpower is there or it's not. In my case, not. And the smoking, just an example, I haven't picked up the weed since the heydays in The Cannon when you just had to breath in to get high. Oh those were the days. No kids, husband, debts, just alcohol and men. I digress, there's a surprise.

And so here we go, another half an hour of my life wasted, but can't resist.
1. Lose weight. Yes, you can stop laughing now, this has been top of the list for the last - ahem - few years, but this year.........
2. Keep fit. Like keeping house, looking after DH and 4 kids, and a business isn't good enough.
3. Sort the finances out. Least said.
4. Keep sane. Easier said than done, but this woman's not going down without a fight.
5. Be more crafty. In the arty-crafty way, not the sneaky way.
6. Post on my uks team thread daily.
7. Do things straight away. Okay, yes you can have a good laugh at that one.
8. Keep this blog up to date.
9. Restart Flylady. That would be the masochist in me then.
10. Find time for me, my family and my friends.
11. Be pro-active in the business plans I have whirling around.

And that's it. I could do 100, seriously. The point? There isn't, so I shan't. And 11 - seems a good number. Noticed a lot of double numbers appearing in my life, which probably means something, just don't know what! Good luck for anyone else embarking on promises, challenges, targets, whatever you want to call them. I am fully confident you will do better than me!


  1. Fabulous Suzanne, wish I had known you in the hey day hun, sounds like some wild times.

    I can see a lot of my resolutions in your list too LOL


    Mj xx

  2. *grin* I think if you can tackle #4, the rest will all fall into place. I, myself, do not make resolutions, just review goals & consider where I've been ... and where I'm going!

  3. How're those plans coming along??


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