Monday, January 28, 2008
It's official. Apparently. I'm hitting middle age. Went out with a group of my dearest friends on Friday. I know, I know, Friday night, out, drinking, bit like being young again. Oh no, not quite - no pulling! So, as we hadn't all got together since last October. That's right 'that' group of repribates I go to Center Parcs with. So, again, as we hadn't met up for ages a ton of catching up was in order. And I'm sorry, what's funny about me and an allotment? Of course I'll get my hands dirty and not leave it all to DH and the boys! As if! Okay, so if that wasn't a sign that middle age isn't approaching, Dawn's date is a giveaway. He has grey hair...then it dawned - I know, bad pun - that any date she meets up with is going to! LOL. so, it's official. We're hitting middle age and there's sweet FA we can do about it. But on a plus, I can still drink an excess of Pernod and not make a spectacle of myself. Or throw up. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for DS1 :) Hopefully he learnt something Saturday night. Well, actually 2 things. 1. Do not drink so much again and 2. Don't lie to your mum about it, cos when you're saying hello to the big white bowl in the bathroom, she will know. DS2 has also learnt that it's not wise to drink a litre bottle of a red-bull type drink, followed by 2 coffees. Otherwise you will still be up at 1 in the morning unable to sleep and all jittery. Worse still, you keep your mum up, and she doesn't appreciate it. DS3 has learnt - for the umpteenth time I add - that you must let your mum know where you are, or she will go on msn and chat to all your mates until she tracks him down. Embarrasing him along the way of course. Hopefully he's also learnt not to put a new girlfriend ahead of his mum again, ever. And DD, well she's nearly learnt to write her name! Finally, DH, he most definately learnt yesterday that when his wife has left the house at 7.15am on a Sunday to go to a trade fair; spent till 6pm walking around said fair; then find out the GPS system has sent you up the M42 and you're in Tamworth instead of heading home, it is really NOT the best time to whinge about your day!

TTFN! xx


  1. OMG hun you are having fun, I vaguely remember the big white bowl, think we've all been there!!!!!!! Hope you had a nice night out.


    MJ xxx

  2. lol this is the funniest blog entry I have read in a long time - thanks for the laughs and have a great weekend XXX


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