Wednesday, February 20, 2008
So, after spending half an hour drafting an update post. You know, we done this, that, and the other. Boring but updating for peeps we don't see often enough. Decide it can wait. This is far more 'interesting'.

So, Monday, I begged DH to bring me home. Yes, to this hellhole of a town, but compared to where we were - heaven. Where were we? Ikea at Wembley. Been there? Then you know what I mean. I think there must be some unwritten edit that you can leave any manners you may possess as you walk through the entrance. And of course if you have none as you walk in then, hey, you've just been giving a carte blanche for a free for all. Let's forget the people that don't thank you if you move out of their way. The staff that are never around. And if they are they can't help you. The fact that you just know at least one of the self-pack items you bought will have some missing items. The other customers that barge you out of the way because it's so important that they copy the aisle number down before you. Of course, how rude of me to not appreciate that their need and time is more important than mine. Anyhow, all that aside, and which we put up with cos at the end of the day like some of the items and prices there.......

Anyhow, cutting up some material and reading the instructions. Part 3 is 'find an attendant and have the material weighed and measured' I say to Lynn "Oh that must be these nice men here then" (ever the flirt!). The only other customer there then proceeds to tell me to get in line and don't push in. I was polite enough and just said she was wrong and I was making conversation. Then I was subjected to the most offensive tirade of racism against me. Apparently she was born in London and had as much right as me to be in the queue; I was white trash, several times; racist; told to f**k off! And that's just the tip, I couldn't even write half of what she said. I've never been accused of being racist, and even the two lads serving were obviously embarrassed. Although I remained calm and polite - I hadn't done anything to deserve the way she spoke to me, I am fuming. If I had spoken to her like that I'd probably have been locked up, and yet the 2 employees just stood there and let her talk to me like that!

So there you go, not something I've ever been witness to before, and God willing, never will again. Those of you that know me, know that manners and good behaviour are very important to me - even with a kid with ADHD - and I haven't got a racist bone in my body. Those that don't know me and have just landed here, you'll have to take my word for it :)