Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thinking of having a big red cross on our house at the moment for 'unclean'! Between coughs, colds, ambulances, bumps and illnesses, it's been an unhealthy month!

Have been doing a bit of assessing, so far so good. So NVQ Leader asks if I'd like to run a workshop on Stimulating Environments'. No sweat. Went well. Would I like to do another one? Okay. Topic?..........Self-Esteem, the Cornerstone of Development. Eeek! A LOT more preparation, but the feedback was positive. Maybe I'll check the topic before the next time!

Book-keeping exam taken. Say no more.

DS1 has got a space at sixth form. Taking English Lit; Law; Graphics and Art. 4 A's - will be so proud of him, but not sure that he hasn't overstretched himself.

And that's about it, what an exciting life I lead.......
Thursday, March 20, 2008
In a word? Chaos. In my life. At the moment. Pure and simple.

So will not bore you on the ins and outs, but rather relay a story about 3 brothers who like to spend their lives kicking nine bells out of each other.

Rewind a few years to primary school where there was a whinging little kid who went crying to his mummy if the boys so much as looked at him. And of course mummy would go straight to the Headteacher. It would never be her son, as if!

Present day and said whiny kid - now 15 - tries to pick a fight with DS2. The question 'why' does indeed spring to mind. Said DS spends nearly 1 hour every night doing weights and keeping fit, but has not got into one fight at secondary school. Doesn't need to, no-one in their right mind would, so goes some way to explain how the brain works of said whiny kid (WK for short).

Back to said offer of a fight. DS2 laughs, then agrees. Surprise, surprise, WK back down.

Knock on front door. DS3 (Ben) answers. Scarey woman standing on the doorstep. " I want to speak to DS2 (Joshua)" Ben -"And who are you?" LOL! "It doesn't matter who I am, just get him". Ben makes no move.

Josh appears "It's okay Ben". "Joshua, WK doesn't know I'm here, but if you ever pick a fight with him I'll go to the police!" DS2 "Yeah, whatever."

DS1 walks down the stairs. "Could you get off my doorstep please" The mum "No, I won't". DS1 "Oh, okay then..." and shuts the door in her face! More LOL!

I am so proud of the boys. Not only did they all support each other, but they weren't rude to the sad old dear, and, you've got to admit, it is funny :)

As for WK. Well the fact that at 15 his mum even feels the need to talk to the other kids when when her son has had a bit of verbal to and fro speaks volumes. Poor kid doesn't stand a chance.
Monday, March 03, 2008
Ok, so how fast can I type this cos got loads to do. Excuse any typos - they will be typos of course, not just that I can't spell.

Right. 1am Mothers Day. Finally get to bed after DS1, DGF, and DH get home. Will start charging for this taxi service. 5.30, get waken by DD, what is that girl on atm. 7am hint that a cuppa in bed would be nice. 9am, still hinting. No milk. DH eventually pops round to shops, by which time too late as DD has to be at a party half an hour away. Find parking space. No disabled bays. Not only that, paid parking. What's that about? We're attending an event at your venue and you make us pay for the priviledge? They work on a similar scheme in our hell-hole, but you can have your ticket punched if you're going to the cinema, or bowling. Hunt for change in bag. Stop myself from fainting, but there's actually £1.50 in my purse, need to record that for posterity! Find payment machine, only to find disabled badges have free parking. Back to car to put out badge. Get to party only 5 mins late. Stay at the party. Leaving her at a Ten Pin Bowling place which is completely manic is a definate no-no. She had a whale of a time, although I think the dancing and food was more enjoyable for her than the bowling. Home via Tescos. Pick up bunch of flowers for DM and DMIL grave. Had tried to be organised this year and had actually got mum a lovely box of choccies a few weeks ago, then she goes and gives up chocolate for Lent. I mean, how inconsiderate! Pop round, she's on the phone with DB, so we have one very happy Mum. Home. Dinner for kids. Off to football to watch DS1. Crematorium on the way home. Watch Monk with the kids at 4.30 and have my first sit-down and cuppa of the day. Sort out kitchen and dinner. Ask one of the boys to get me a drink. Less than enthusiastic reponse, so I proceed to relay my day. DS2 'you know mum' he pauses for dramatic effect 'that has to be one of the most oring stories you've ever told us'. DD to bed. 1 hours worth of preparing for workshop at College on Tuesday. DGF leaves, but before she goes gives me a card and pressie. Bless. Made my day :) 2 hours of book-keeping, as mock exam on Wednesday and struggling to get my head around it. DH comes home. Say no more :) 12.15 am crash out.

How's that for 24 hours.