Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thinking of having a big red cross on our house at the moment for 'unclean'! Between coughs, colds, ambulances, bumps and illnesses, it's been an unhealthy month!

Have been doing a bit of assessing, so far so good. So NVQ Leader asks if I'd like to run a workshop on Stimulating Environments'. No sweat. Went well. Would I like to do another one? Okay. Topic?..........Self-Esteem, the Cornerstone of Development. Eeek! A LOT more preparation, but the feedback was positive. Maybe I'll check the topic before the next time!

Book-keeping exam taken. Say no more.

DS1 has got a space at sixth form. Taking English Lit; Law; Graphics and Art. 4 A's - will be so proud of him, but not sure that he hasn't overstretched himself.

And that's about it, what an exciting life I lead.......


  1. OMG that looks so sore (((((HUGS)))), hope all healthiness is soon restored to your house honey XXX


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